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The Weekly for the Week of July 19 – July 25

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now!

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“Eyes On You” by Harris Allan

About the song:  ““Eyes on You” is a deep house track capturing the euphoria when two people meet and get swept away by the energy and uncertainty about whether the other person feels the same way.” — Harris Allan


About the artist: GT_Ofice resides in Manhattan, NY. “Caine” has performed in major NYC, Las Vegas, and Miami nightclubs. A former child actor who fell in love with music and creating beats. Caine enjoys partnering with emerging singers to showcase undiscovered talent to create something beautiful. 

“Cloudy Moods” by Lalou

About the song: ““Cloudy Moods” contains elements from both Jazz and Pop but also embraces a southern fresh and up-tempo chord progression. It is a song with poetic lyrics full of honesty and vulnerability combined with an uplifting and untroubled melody. A song that bears some resemblance to some of Tori Amos’ great songs.” — Lalou

“Free Falling Down” by Heckyl

About the song: “”Free Falling Down” is a song about the damage that social media does to today’s youth. We live in a world where everyone has the ability to judge each other through a screen, leading to more and more people dealing with anxiety and self-esteem issues.” — Heckyl

“MAYBE” by Matt Lopez

“Ms. July” by WE R OK

About the song: “Ms. July”, is a Funk inspired jam that is meant to be more fun than introspective and brings along with it a slick arrangement, ear-worm melodies, and a slow-burning groove that will have you wanting to grab your best buds, hop in your big body sedan and slide down to studio 54.” — WE R OK

“15 Minutes To Midnight” by Bradley Denniston

About the song: “It’s all about that feeling of being out with someone that you have a thing for but they just don’t know it… Dancing all night long, drinking, and having a moment when there’s a bit of hope that your crush might just be giving you a chance. Those close encounters where you want to tell them how you really feel about them and the moment is so close but also that window of opportunity is slipping away fast.” — Bradley Denniston

“New Love” by HeartBlanch

Make sure to check out HeartBlanch at their official site!

“Live It Up” by KingQueen

About the song; “This song was written to promote happiness, having a good time and reflects the feelings and itch we’ve all had during lock down. We came to Live It Up!” — KingQueen

“I Got Myself” by BOARDWALK

About the artist: BOARDWALK is a look inside the mind of Michael Marguet, LA-based musician and producer. A blend of lush guitar grooves, gentle yet electrifying synth swells, and funk-based bass lines, the music finds itself at a hypnotic crossroads of indietronica, psychedelia and synthpop. Tucked away in the enclave of Los Feliz & Silver Lake, Michael writes, records, and produces everything from inside the walls of his own home, creating music to live life to. Get ready to dance!

The Weekly Playlist

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