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The Weekly for the Week of June 28-July 4

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now!

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“Diamond In The Rough” by Scott Magnus

About the Song: “Diamond In The Rough” is about owning your mistakes, accepting yourself for who you are, and knowing that you are capable of great things. Scott Magnus confides, “The song became like a counseling session where I expressed all of my feelings and concerns: even my longings for success; to feeling empowered, confident and determined to be better and most importantly, seeing the value that I have; loving myself regardless of what others think of me – I think this journey is reflected in the song!”

“Girlfriends” by Breagh Isabel

About the song: ““Girlfriends” is a pop-leaning, coming-of-age story about a very specific type of heartbreak; the kind that comes from being a lovesick teenager in less welcoming times. The song emerged from a session with one of her Canadian songwriting crushes, Simon Wilcox (Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez, Lennon Stella). Isabel offered up the lyrics, “maybe we were homophobic” and as an astute therapist, Wilcox instantly started peeling back the layers, unraveling a closely kept story that needed to be told, and thus “Girlfriends” was born.” Check out Breagh Isabel on Instagram!

“Not the Only One” by Pinkfiz

About the song: ““Not The Only One” is the third pop-punk power track off The World Of Pinkfiz. This is an empowering single about sexuality, a track about letting the horrible things people say roll off your back. “Not The Only One” also draws on the unity in the LGBTQ+ community, with the title reflecting that you are never alone.” PinkFiz shares.

“This song is for anyone in the LGBTQ+ community who doesn’t have that immediate support bubble to let them know they’re not alone even if they feel it.” The track is brimming in character and exhilarating energy, as the riffs twang with confidence, giving off a mighty atmosphere. The chorus is highly singable and packs a punch of motivation and uplifting comfort.”

“Ego” by daysormay

About the trio: Nine years ago, three six-graders ignored all the other trappings of ascendant teenagers and dedicated themselves fully and feverishly to making music. Growing up in the serene town of Vernon, BC, daysormay not only mastered their songwriting and playing skills, but they also became production wunderkinds with the release of their EP, Talk Peace To A Wolf. Now 21 years old, in Vancouver, with a full album in their arsenal, the members of daysormay (the English phonetic of the French “désormais” meaning “from now on”) have the wind at their backs with no intentions of slowing down. 

With influences like Phoenix, Glass Animals, and Portugal. The Man., singer Aidan Andrews and twin brothers/rhythm section Carson and Nolan Bassett are carving out a unique space in modern alternative music. Now, set to release their new album, audiences will hear how the band has continued to challenge their craft by incorporating pulsing drums, enchanting synths & guitars, unforgettable melodies, and sharp-witted lyrics. The trio demonstrates how there are no limits to their sound.

“Better For You” by Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez

About the artist: Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez is a singer/composer based in Brooklyn, New York. Born into a family of musicians, music was Raina’s first language and it runs deep within her veins. Rooted in jazz and R&B, the songwriter invites us into her unique sonic world with harmonic nuance and lyrical poetry. 

Raina’s cross-genre style is built from the bottom up. With improvisation as a starting point for her songs, Raina draws on her emotionality and leans into her perception of the world around her, uncovering hidden depths within daily life and articulating personal truth with vulnerability and bravery. Songwriting is her way of processing and understanding life in all its complexity.

“Fine On My Own” by Ella McCready

About the single: “The single is an honest look into the realities of breaking free from emotionally manipulative behaviour. The song came after a bad breakup and uses metaphors of bruises to explain the emotional scars left after dealing with a toxic relationship.

“Fine On My Own” embodies the empowering feeling of breaking free and capturing the beauty of escaping. Described by McCready herself as a tune of “motivation” and both a song to “dance to, and to escape to,” the song is a passion-filled message for people “to understand their own strength and to know that they don’t need anybody else in order to know their own worth”. The songstress adds, “It’s always good to be reminded that you are all you need. I think that’s an empowering thought.””

“Addicted” by Mason Scott

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“Sunday Funk (Opolopo remix)” by SilverTwins of Funk

About the band: Silvertwins of funk is a production team with Fredrik “Fronkpac” Jahn and Mattias “The Guitarman” Adolfsson from Gothenburg, Sweden. Empowered by the FunkGiant Mr. Emrik M-Rock Larsson, The rolling Stonefunk!​It´s all the way funk. Fronkpac, a Funkateer of the GBG Funk Mob since the happy ’80s, has been part of funk bands as the Dona Guntan, The Big O, FunkMachines, and The STONEFUNKERS, where he became Fronkpac, played keyboards, and co-wrote songs like M-Rock Theory and Depend on me.2016,

The Funk demanded something to be done. Fronkpac started to write music again, sent it to an old friend and King of Nothern Funk, Mr. Emrik M-Rock Larsson (M-rock & WeFunky Band, STONEFUNKERS) M-Rock started to dance, write lyrics, and sing.​Friend Mattias Adolfsson, guitarist, singer, and member of FunkMachines, also has a lifelong interest in music-making.

“FEEL LIKE” by Josh Fudge

About the song: “FEEL LIKE” is a blissful and upbeat song, filled with groovy basslines, lush synths, driving drums, and sweet vocal lines. Capturing the feeling of hopeless euphoria, FEEL LIKE encapsulates how it feels to be left rendered useless by love. — Josh Fudge

“Boys Make Promises” by Issey Cross

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