You are currently viewing The Weekly 2022 for the Week of June 27 – July 3

The Weekly 2022 for the Week of June 27 – July 3

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now.

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This Week’s The Weekly

“Doin’ It For Me” by TRP.P

TRP.P (pronounced “TRIP-ee”) is a Toronto duo, breaking barriers in the Hip-Hop/R&B scene. Composed of Truss (producer, singer/songwriter) and Phoenix Pagliacci (singer/songwriter), the dynamic duo met in 2015 and have been collaborating in music and life ever since. Their modern twist on 80’s/90’s inspired R&B gives way to powerful lyrics, which often champion queer love, justice, and their communities.

“Antidoto” by Lex Borja

“Made this song working with Vincent García on the Bass, Giacomo Turra on the guitar, and Leander On the drums. Amazing international artists. I feel the song has a very catchy vibe and summer energy. Enjoy!” — Lex Borja

“Energy” by Mishell Ivon

“Synthy, happy, summery vibes. I wrote this song before the pandemic and have been sitting on it because I couldn’t get the atmosphere right. I linked up with Canadian producer Jordan Perry and we chiseled away until we felt it communicated exactly what I wanted. It feels like excitement/hope/ unrealized dreams.” — Mishell Ivon

“Hot Summer’s Day” by Mr. Dad

“Super Girl” by Mad Radio

“Mad Radio is not your typical rock and roll story, so it makes sense that their latest release ‘Super Girl’ breaks the mold too. The three-piece band which first came together during the 80s explores how gender roles have evolved over the years, in their upcoming track ‘Super Girl’. Influenced by the Pop Rock hooks of early bands like The Police and Cheap Trick, Mad Radio add their own flavors, fusing together the fundamentals of today’s sonic universe from bands like Green Day, Panic at the Disco, and My Chemical Romance” — Mad Radio

“Boys Don’t Cry (feat. JordyPurp)” by Rightfield

“”Boys Don’t Cry (feat. JordyPurp)” is the third single off of Rightfield’s upcoming sophomore album, and it’s special in more ways than one. This big, hype, gritty earworm not only features hip-hop-meets-punk-pop wordsmith JordyPurp who absolutely crushes his emotional verse, but it also touches on a heavier perspective lyrically than listeners are accustomed to hearing from Rightfield. It’s about growing up in the south, around a certain type of show-no-emotion hyper-masculinity, where you have to be everything your dad wants you to be. The theme throughout the track centers on the toxicity of a “rub some dirt in it” mentality.” — Rightfield

“Vacant Airport” by Davis John Patton

“Iowa folk songwriter Davis John Patton is known for asking the big questions. He isn’t afraid to tackle his existentialism and in the new song, “Vacant Airport,” he shares a lush meditative look at the vows he made when he got married to his wife. The lyrics reveal the metaphor in verse two: My time is yours, Whatever ‘forever’ means, whether it’s one year, ten years, or one hundred years, it’s hers.” — Davis John Patton

“The Shy Southern Girl” by Soul Teller

“Alarm Bells (Never Drinking Again)” by Grant Boyer

“Delivering edgy alt-rock with a dash of humor, Boyer took a lighthearted approach to “Alarm Bells (Never Drinking Again).” He had lots of fun writing it, and that shines through in the fun new single, intended to be relatable and make listeners laugh.” — Grant Boyer

“My God Is The Sun” by Raging Embers

“This is a full orchestra arrangement of My God Is the Sun by Queens of the Stone Age. This piece blends hard-hitting percussion with soft woodwind melodies to create an exciting driving force. Not many rock songs can keep your interest while switching into a waltz but this is sure to grab your attention.” — Raging Embers

“I can’t tell (Remix by SOVV )” by Flume

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