You are currently viewing The Weekly 2022 for the Week of March 14 – March 20

The Weekly 2022 for the Week of March 14 – March 20

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now.

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“Let You Down” by Anna Katarina x Chris Sol

Canadian pop-rock artists Anna Katarina and Chris Sol pair up to bring the anthemic country tune “Let Your Down”. It is a powerful tune with haunting undertones, starting from the first beat. The beacon of light is the silvery voices of the two artists, piercing the dark soundscape with their melodic tones. Don’t forget to listen to the chorus as the built-up energy explodes in a powerful musical movement.

“What I’m Here For” by Nicholas Wells

Nicholas Wells brings a heartful side to songwriting with his newest track “What I’m Here For”. This track is about selflessly being there for someone. It is a fun, lively pop tune with an upbeat tempo and positive vibes flowing from each note. The anthemic chorus is irresistible as it features catchy melodies that are mixed in with bouncing rhythms that listeners can clap and sing along. Listeners are advised to watch the music video and get inspired to support their own local animal shelters.

“Circles” by The New Division

“The song is about the struggle of learning to remove and separate yourself from whatever’s holding you back in life. In this case, the subject deals with isolation, which, as we all know, probably isn’t healthy.”

American Synthwave band The New Division kicks off their 2022 with the single “Circles”. The track touches on the themes of life and death, isolation, and a longing for better days. The New Division takes influences from the 80’s dark synthpop era with this gutsy track. Brooding guitars, hectic live basslines, compelling vocals, and hazy synths overflow throughout to create a haunting beautiful but lively soundscape. If you are a fan of new wave or synthwave bands like Tears for Fears or Depeche Mode, then you will love “Circles”.

“3:30” by Kali Sade

Get ready for this week with this sultry R&B track by American Contemporary R&B artist Kali Sade. “3:30” is about realizing that you yearn for the company of someone that only views you as a temporary thrill. It is a laid-back R&B tune with mellow synth riffs with a subtle drum kit keeping the beat. Over the instrumentation are the silky vocals singing about trying to start the healing process by moving on, but living in past with previous thoughts. It is a slick track with 90’s R&B vibes that will kickstart your week!


Get ready to set your Monday on fire and dance the week away with the Indietronica track “Hold On” by DREAMTRANCED. A great track for the clubs, “Hold On” features a myriad of synth textures. The song is broken into sections with clean progression and transitions that keep the energy flowing. Though a per EDM instrumental, this DREAMTRANCED is a must-listen for its wonderful club sound mixtures with interesting synth riffs.

“Never Gonna Get It” by Lombardy

Get ready to rock with the raw energy featured in “Never Gonna Get It” by American Alternative Rock band Lombardy. This song is a rocker about waking up and fighting for your freedoms and liberties. The band creates their new wave of rock ‘n’ roll with their edgy and raw sound in this high-energy track. The energy of the song attracts the listeners at the first note as it is super infectious. It is amazing that the band was able to create this song in one song. If you are a fan of Jack White, Rage Against the Machine, or Red Hot Chili Peppers, then you don’t have to miss this track (especially at the end!).

“Better” by Steerner

Dance in the dark with Swedish EDM artist Steerner’s newest single entitled “Better”. It is a song about two people falling in love at an early age, just to later find out they weren’t perfect for each other. Steerner’s newest track is an infectious club track with a hypnotic danceable beat. However, the track’s soundscape is filled with dark tones as deep-bass synth riffs are the song’s center. This dark and evil motif in the musicality is a perfect fit for the lyrics as they feed off each other energies.

“Only In Your Eyes” by Meltt

Canadian Indie Rock band explores the concept of the river of time in their newest single “Only In Your Eyes”. It is a track that explores the idea of time as an unrelenting river that can carry us and our loved ones away. This song was written in a remote cabin in the western Canadian woods, reflecting on a time and sound to connect with people. The result is the brighter and energetic indie-psychedelic rock sounds that are injected with electronic influences. It is a fabulous track with a variety of sounds, from the smoothing vocals to the jarring guitars, that are blended together so perfectly.

“I Climb Mountains” by Innate Your

Australian Electropop artist Innate Your explores the depths of grief with their newest track “I Club Mountains”. In this honest, heartful track, the group explores the singer’s emotional state during his mom’s battle with cancer and after losing her to it. “I Climb Mountains” is an intimate piece that helps the singer express these emotions and how much his mom meant to him. It is a light in the dark for him and for so many. It is a beautiful piece that brings a myriad of sounds together to make an intimate, somber piece.

“Gamma Loner” by EhRah x VENMC

Montreal’s EhRah collaborates with Los Angeles’ VENMC to create a futuristic EDM track. Listeners can hear influences from such artists as Daft Punk, The Weeknd, and Calvin Harris throughout “Gamma Loner”. The track talks about a lonesome entity as it finds its way through space searching for its perfect love. You can hear this lyrical theme of searching for the perfect love in loneliness in the music clearly.EhRah’s melodic productions feature a futuristic sound with hints of longing and wanting in each melody line. Listeners cannot forget to listen to VENMC’s flavorful and catchy vocal hooks as, along with the instrumentation, make this such a hit song that is irresistible!

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