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The Weekly 2022 for the Week of March 21 – March 27

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now.

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“The Only Time” by India Thieriot

American Indie Pop artist India Thieriot captures the feeling of needing to go out and party with the track “The Only Time”. The lyrics detail the excitement of moving to New York City and meeting so many new people and having so many friends but somehow still feeling so alone sometimes. It’s a moody pop track with thick synth riffs and a somber electronic soundscape. Listeners should listen for the vocals as their sundry tones are something to listen for!

“SPINNIN” by Marian Hill (featuring Kemba)

American Marian Hill just released the genre-bending track “SPINNIN” featuring Kemba and Steve Davit. This sultry indie-pop is a romantic banger that swings with independence and sexuality. It is an oh so fine tone with velvety vocals, blazing saxophone soundscapes, and electrifying beats. The blend of these prominent musical elements makes this slow-burning tune such a seductive one. It is the perfect spend your Monday night!

“Lies” by Jack Devlin

Irish folk-rock artist Jack Devlin mixtures acoustic and electrifying in his newest track “Lies”. The song starts with beautiful acoustic instrumentation featuring heartfelt vocals. Then, by the chorus, it explodes with such energy with angst guitar riffs and the vocals exploding in high energy with a sort of distortion effect used. Listeners will really love the seamless blend of oft and hard in the musicality, but also the straightforwardness in the lyrics.

“the wait” by Fabio Schwarz

Dance the Monday Blues away with this bouncy Synthpop track by Fabio Schwar. The track features a bouncy dance rhythm in the brightly colored synth riffs. On top of this instrumentation are melodic vocals that pull listeners through the vocal lines with their velvety vocal colors. The chorus is something listeners cannot miss out on with its infectious dance energy bouncing along with catchy melodic riffs. Perfect dance track for today!

“To Go On” by Natalie Evans

UK folk artist Natalie Evans just released her single “To Go On”. This mid-tempo track is a soothing one with a mellow soundscape of acoustic sounds and soft electronic riffs mixed together. Evan’s vocals add to the mellow feeling with their melodic, sweet tones. It is the perfect track to spend this spring as it is a soothing track with beautiful, mellow melodies from the instrumentation to the vocals.

“Truth Be Told” by The Vista

Listen to the cheery, addictive track “Truth Be Told” by UK Alt-Rock band The Vista. This new track features a story of struggle after a breakup. This rock tune sounds more popish with its positive, catchy riffs that will have you bouncing or tapping your for in no time. There are a bunch of ear-worms in this track from the guitar hooks to the melodic lines in the chorus. Listeners will fall in with the infectious nature of “Truth be Told” and even will sing along to that catchy chorus!

“The Snow and the Eclipse” by Slaney Bay

UK Indie Pop band Slaney Bay is back with their newest track “The Snow and the Eclipse”. The lead vocalist Cait Whitley had to say this about the song’s background: “The track amplifies the feeling of time running out. You either confess your feelings to someone now, or you may miss your only shot. That feeling is creatively amplified in the soundscape with the soaring sounds in this dreamy tune. The track features catchy guitar hooks interlaced with wispy vocals over an exultant soundscape. It is such a gorgeous listen!

“Hope Is A Dangerous Thing” by Sïckö

Sïckö is back with their newest single “Hope Is A Dangerous Thing”. The Hungarian artist takes a cinematic approach as it features an array of sounds from different instrumentation to create the lush landscape. It is a beautiful track that has the melody carried in the haunting piano melodies that are so gorgeous. A perfect track to listen to anywhere with its gorgeous soundscape and the intricate composition of varied instrumental sounds.

“When I’m Home” by Like Mint.

“”When I’m Home” is about home and origin. On the one hand, there is a deep connection with the places from childhood, the traditions, the language. On the other hand, you grow out of it and now have to find a new place in everything.”

German singer-songwriter Like Mint. reminiscences on her home with her latest track “When I’m Home”. She relates to this idea of home in the warm, intimate folk melodies that offer some sort of security. There are spherical voices and sounds weaved with the acoustic guitar riffs to create a heartfelt soundscape. Beautiful sounds from the vocals in the chorus are paramount as its intimacy within the gorgeous high notes brings some sort of security to the listeners. Another beautiful track that listeners can really relate to!

“1440” by Bill Daniels

Get ready to funk up your weekend with “1440” by Bill Daniels. The track starts off with a funky, smooth intro with slick guitar riffs and cool synth riffs. The vocals then come with their bluesy tones. The singer pours his soul out, especially at the chorus, with his down-to-earth singing style. “1440” is a soulful mix of blues and funk that have addictive melodies and down-to-earth vocals that make this pleasing to listen to.

BONUS: “Fix It, Felix” by KYØTO

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