You are currently viewing The Weekly 2022 for the Week of March 28 – April 3

The Weekly 2022 for the Week of March 28 – April 3

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now.

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“Half Crazy” by Sarah McCulloch

“This is a super personal song that I don’t even like to have to go back over, honestly. It was a super painful time full of heartache and disappointment. My heart was really broken and I felt like I had been cut down to the bone. Like there was nothing left of me.”

American country artist Sarah McCulloch details the sadder side of heartbreak with her new single “Half Crazy”. It’s all about shutting the door permanently on a relationship. “Half Crazy” is a slower country song that details the sad emotions in the vocals and the instrumentation. McCulloch’s vocals pierce like a beacon light with their sweet yet sultry tones. It might be a sad country song, but “Half Crazy” is a beautifully composed tune that has its lyrics that are pretty relatable.

“In You Crash” by THE CABBYS

American Alt-Rock band The Cabby releases their newest single “In You Crash” with their debut EP ‘Songs To Get Weird To’. The band adds a pinch of aloha, garage-folk, and experimental flavors into a guitar-driven alt-rock melody to create their own unique sound. But don’t forget the groovy basslines that crash like waves on the shore, drawing the audience by their own patterns. If you a big fan of Radiohead, Muse, and Pixies, then you have to check this hypnotic, high-energy rock song today!

“Pluviophile Song” by Michelle Limanjae

Australian Indie Pop-Rock artist Michelle Limanjae combines pop melodies with rock instrumentations to create her newest single “Pluviophile Song”. The artist had this to say about the song: “This song is about myself expressing my love for the rainy days. Basically, it tells about a person who enjoys the rain and has fun with it. Also, normally rainy days tend to be depicted as gloomy, melancholy and sad.” However, though the theme is sad, there is actually fun-loving, catchy melodies that are weaved into the positive instrumentation. It is a great tune to cheer up on a rainy day!

“Mr Romance” by Speed Control

Canadian alt-rock band Speed Control is hoping to make your week rockin’ with their riff-driven track “Mr Romance”. The band had this to say about the song: “Mr Romance is about feeling like you’re letting everyone down. But, hoping to show them that you’re not crazy – you can do this.” The band’s spunky, high-energy is cleverly blended with catchy melodies, especially in the chorus, to create a spirited track. Just everything about this track, from the layered vocals to the instrumentations, makes it such a wonderful listen!

“Two Sisters” by Mikael Máni

Icelandic jazz artist Mikael Máni blends classical and modern instrumentations to create a soothing atmosphere in their latest track “Two Sisters”. Listeners can hear a mixture of guitars, saxohpones, drums, percussion, and other instruments to create this blissful adventure. “Two Sister” is the perfect tune to listen to anywhere as it will bring tranquil energy to your day.

“Chemicals” by Charlie Paycheck

American Folk artist Charlie Paycheck finds solace in old Blues and country genres to create his newest track “Chemicals”. It talks about the difficulty of reckoning with one’s physical and emotional tendency to dependence on carnal pleasures and pains. This track is mostly composed of an acoustic soundscape that is driven by melodic yet powerful vocals. It is such a powerful song, both melodic and lyrical, but such a soothing one too.

“Moon song” by Athena Rising

Get ready and dance with American electropop artist Athena Rising with the track “Moon song”. This track is super addictive with its bouncy rhythms, catchy melodies, and ethereal vocals. The song captivates the audience with the lyrics containing mystical metaphors of nature and spiritual contexts to captivate a boundless romance. “Moon song” is the perfect song to start your week and will have you dancing in no time!

“Tired” by De La Luz

American Pop Rock artist De La Luz tells draws upon the ethnic backgrounds and experiences to create “Tired”. The artist creates a rawness in his musicality by aiming to create an R&B pop-alternative tune. You can hear the emotions that are driven in the musicality through the power, vocals, and the drive in the lyric’s message. Listeners should not miss the instrumental break as it really musically expresses the emotions of the song. Such rawness there while being melodic and somber!

“Waves” by As Clouds Form

American Snythwave artist As Clouds Form creates a magical yet soothing soundscape with their newest track “Waves”. The duo incorporates acoustic guitars mixed in with bubbly, sky-like synth riffs that come spiraling out of the track. Listeners can hear the bass synths coming in the middle as they add contrast to the lighter synth riffs. “Wave” is a musical masterpiece that has listeners listen carefully for its detailed presentation as it is intricately composed in such a way that it is like a painting.

“Doubt” by Beachwood Coyotes

American Indie Rock band brings on a new song with their newest track “Doubt”. It is an emotional anthem about never feeling good enough or accepted. This mid-tempo rock tune is filled with such emotional rawness in the vocals as they sing lyrics like “Can you make me feel like I was born for something”. There is such power in the vocals and instrumentation that really resonate with listeners as they can hear the emotions surrounding these lyrics and relate. “Doubt” might feel like it is a loud angry guitar-driven power-pop tune, but it brims with such honesty and rawness that is it breathtaking to listen to!

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