You are currently viewing The Weekly 2022 for the Week of May 2 – May 8

The Weekly 2022 for the Week of May 2 – May 8

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now.

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“Blue Eyed Lover” by Corey Mirann

American Pop Rock singer-songwriter Corey Miranne opens up this week with his upbeat, award-winning track “Blue Eyed Lover”. This is what the artist had to say about the track: “I originally wrote this song in the heat of having fallen in love fast and hard for someone I barely knew.”. Embedding with this folly is upbeat pop-rock instrumentation that will have listeners clapping along. Listeners cannot miss out on Miranne’s slick vocals as their robust nature makes this song a bop.

“Just Memories” by Nathaniel Paul

American artist Nathaniel Paul is back with his newest single “Just Memories”. It is about making the future the best it can be within the challenges we face as a world. Paul crafts this wonderful Psychedelic Rock track with fuzzy guitar sounds, warm vocals, and dizzy synthesizers. He explores the world of “Just Memories” by experimenting with a variety of sounds in the instrumental. These experimental sounds jell well with the rest of the song as they bring out interesting dynamics that enhance “Just Memories”.

“Spaceship” by Joe Nacco

American Indie Rock artist Joe Nacco releases “Spaceship” as part of his space rock concept album entitled Lost Records from the First Invasion. The song starts off with interesting instrumental intros with spacey sound effects and a blazing electronic guitar. The vocals come in around the minute mark with their robust hard rock sound. The song has sort of the late 80s (and maybe early 90s) sound with the type of vocal and guitar sounds used. “Spaceship” is a well-polished rock song with an intriguing rock solo intertwined with rock vocals.

“Groovington” by Lush Honey

Get ready to get on your feet and dance along with this addictive track by Lush Honey. “Groovington” is a mixture of funk and rock that is delicious from the first beat. Listeners will be drawn in by the song’s deep groove and huge riffs that is refreshing and energetic. The combination of soul, rock, and funk in each element of the song is what makes “Groovington” a worthy listen. It is sticky-sweet with its groovy melodies, yet has the energic fierceness found in the vocals that you cannot pass upon.

“Careless Whisper – Lex & Friends Version” by Lex Borja

Lex Borja covers the legendary song “Careless Whisper” by George Michael in a unique way. Borja’s version is sexy yet slick as he transforms the song into a silky R&B mid-tempo jam. Listeners will slow-dance with the subtle nature of this cover, yet will enjoy Borja’s soulful vocals. They twist and turn in alluring ways that grab anyone’s attention with their energy and dexterity. Such a wonderful song to dance along to this week!

“Bare” by Jody and the Jerms

UK band Jody and the Jerms is ready to make your week a banger with their upbeat track “Bare”. The track reflects on various themes of lost loves, escapism, and outsiderdom spun with a sanguine innocence and vivid relatability. TheHwoeever, it is the dynamic arrangement that features a solid brass section is that makes this song such a bop to listen to. That section paired with the lead singer’s charismatic vocals makes “Bare” such an enjoyable song to listen to!

“Come With Me” by Edy Forey

Scottish retro-soul artist Edy Forey lies down the cool with this laidback track. “Come With Me” is a nonconformist anthem about breaking up with the world of superficial relationships. The song features a retro-soul mixed with old-school hip-hop in its easy-going, soothing instrumentation. Edy’s vocals make the song with her sweet, soulful tones. Listeners have to listen to the second verses as there is a unique twist with Edy rapping!

“Vulcan Dome” by Sunrise and Ammunition

US garage rock band Sunrise and Ammunition experiments with progressive, experimental, and psychedelic music to bring their newest single “Vulcan Dome” to life. This track is an interesting track with experimental sounds mixed with progressive rock ones that blare passionately. There is a type of edginess featured in the addictive guitar riffs, yet there is a sort of softness in the middle with the vocals. Listeners have to listen to the end as the band creates an innovative soundscape with so many different sounds that are enjoyable to listen to.

“Easy On Me (Duet with Chris Sloan)” by Natalie Nicole Gilbert

Natalie Nicole Gilbert is back with her beautiful rendition of Adele’s “Easy On Me”. The track features guest vocals by Chris Sloan. Gilbert delivers a powerful performance in her rendition as her robust vocals are like a beacon of light: beautiful and inspiring. Sloan’s performance in the second verse is a great addition to this track and really jells well with Gilbert’s own vocals. If you are looking for something dynamic and awe-inspiring for this week, then you have to listen to this rendition of “Easy on Me” now!

“Negative Thot” by Common Deer

Common Deer wants listeners to get up and dance with their buzzing single “Negative Thot”. The track is a combination of indie guitar sounds that the band heard when they were younger with electronic sounds. The band really blends a popish sound in the verses with a blaring, high-energic alt-rock sound in the chorus. “Negative Thot” will of course have listeners dance along, but also have sung out loud vigorously during the chorus. It is such an intoxicating listen!

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