You are currently viewing The Weekly 2022 for the Week of May 16 – May 22

The Weekly 2022 for the Week of May 16 – May 22

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now.

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“Discount” by I Wear* Experiment

I Wear* Experiment released their edgy yet catchy Indie Pop tune “Discount” for the summer! A tune that features some harrowing vocals, listening will dig the melodies and those wonderful guitar licks!

“Stupid Stature” by War Honey

American Indie Rock band War Honey released “War Honey” ahead of their upcoming EP “Last Woman Left At The Market”. This jarring rock tune features a rollercoaster ride of exciting guitar riffs, exotic vocal melodies, and mind-blowing climaxes.

“Situationship” by Amber Ryann

Amber Ryann is all about “Situationship” in her latest hip track. “This song plays off of the nature of infidelity and finding yourself in a situation you can’t quite label an actual relationship.” A track with a punchy vibe and overdriven vocals that are slick yet melodic, “Situationship” will be your jam this week!

“Sinners” by Lior Holzman

Lior Holzman released his newest piece, “Sinners”, with a gorgeous acoustic soundscape that anyone will fall in love with. “It talks about those things we do and choices we make that we know are not good for us, but at the core of each one there’s a basic instinct that we eventually follow to fulfill our deepest needs.” Listeners cannot miss the ending!

“Dommed” by TILLA

TILLA releases an energetic dream-pop track with jazzy R&B and catchy soul! Every note is so addicting with their deliciousness with the vocal and melodic contour. It is a sultry yet soulful tune that is perfect for anywhere this week!

“Truth or Consequences” by Birds and Arrows

American band Birds and Arrows released their folk-rock tune “Truth or Consequences” with such conviction. “It was written mid pandemic and is about what it was like to navigate it all as musicians and artists losing our lively hood for awhile there.” “Truth or Consequences” is a venture of the band’s soul as the track is crafted with such bare feelings and dynamic artistry.

“I Think I Like Smbdy Else” by Beach Of Diamonds

Get ready for something pop-punk with a hint of Blink-182 and Weezer with “I Think I Like Smbdy Else” by Beach Of Diamonds. It is a perfect blend of a softer side of rock with a touch of electronic and slick vocals.

“seconds” by ayashirou x mxks

Enjoy the colorful electronic world of ayashirou x mxks’s newest single “seconds”. A song that is perfect for the spring with its languorous synth soundscape with a little bit of electronic and rock added to it. It is a gorgeous track with its vivid musical world.

“All be Lost” by Darro

Get nostalgic with “All be Lost” by Darro this week! The track features a blend of early 2000s emo and pop-punk with a fresh twist that pushes boundaries. It is so wonderful with its punk-pop melodies weaved together with its nu-punk soundscape, slick vocals, and flowing guitar riffs. A perfect tune for those who had emo at heart, like me, back in the day!

“St. Ives” by Rich Brown

American Indie Folk artist Rich Brown recalls his past in his haunting beautiful new track “Sti Ives”. “It’s about a specific memory from a hiking trip many years ago. Stood in the sunshine wading in the harbor at St. Ives” The artist pours all his feeling in this heartful song with a lively acoustic melody strummed. Listens have to listen for the vocals as the artist cleverly crafts those to suit the feelings of the lyrics.

BONUS: “Winter” by Luther Bonbon Band

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