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The Weekly for the Week of November 1 – November 7

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now

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“Love Is Our Hero” by Shauna Singer

“n the current state of the world, we need to remember to all stand together no matter our beliefs.” This is the theme of Shauna Singer’s newest single “Love Is Our Hero”. This electropop tune is such an inspiration to listen to with its feel-good melodies, positive moods, and uplifting lyrics. I really love this song because it features Singer’s powerful wide vocal range and an addictive electropop melody that will have listeners get up and dance. It is one of my favorites!

“Big Wave” by Modern Moxie

US Indie Rock band Modern Moxie’s newest single is described as “an anger-fueled rip-roaring ride through all the emotions associated with political, biological and intellectual fear.” Listeners can hear the garage rock vibes in the twangy guitar riffs. On top of them are melodic vocals that twist and turn with such alluring charm. It is a really nice rock tune!

“A Better You” by Winter Grain

“To us, life is constant learning. And learning is often the result of “mistakes.” As we get older we have found ourselves being more interested in being better people than being “cool” people, whatever that means in the end.”

Winter Grain’s “A Better You” is a mellow rock tune that has catchy choruses and soothing vibes. Just check out that chorus as its ear-pleasing rhythms will have listeners singing along. It is just super catchy! The vocals are also one to listen for as they feature charming melodic qualities in them that are soothing. With its Americana and Pop styles, listeners will love “A Better You” for its addictive melodies, relatable messages, and just its soothing atmosphere.

“Steal My Hoodie” by Royal Oak

Royal Oak’s “Steal My Hoodie” is a song that features soulful guitar chords and colorful synthesizers. It is centered around those universal little things that make every relationship unique. The song aims to be a singalong tune with its sentimental lyrics and big choruses. And Royal Oak accomplishes that feat effortlessly as the chorus contains addictive melodies, infectious energy, and just euphonic vocals. It’s a great song to listen to!

“Graveyard” by Matt Moody

“Graveyard” is the newest tune by American Indie pop artist Matt Moody. It features some unique instrumental bits with an electronic keyboard, synthesizers, horns, saxophones, acoustic guitar, drums, and backing vocals. Each part may sound uniquely different from the others, but they come together quite effortlessly. The instruments add a certain dynamic to “Graveyard”, leading the listeners down the song’s journey with their own sounds. It is quite refreshing!

“Toe on the Trigger” by Maximilian Thanksalot

Canadian alt-rock Maximilian Thanksalot features an angst-ridden, hook-laden, guitar-driven alternative rock with their latest single “Toe on the Trigger”. The song features grungy guitar riffs that perform in a sharp yet electrifying way. The vocals cut through the song like a knife with their punchy delivery. It is something different, but “Toe on the Trigger” is something to listen to as its angst-ridden, hook-laden, guitar-driven sound is really fascinating to listen to.

“Rumours” by Carbon Memory

The Toronto band Carbon Memory hopes to allure listeners with its ambient textures featured in their latest single “Rumours”. The band hopes to stir the sense of nostalgia and optimism inside each insider with their latest. It is such a beautiful listen with their cinematic approach featured with the song. Though the tune is slow-paced, it is working to the tune’s benefit as it lets the band draw out various emotions and various sounds through the vocals and instrumentation. Thus Carbon Memory paints vivid musical landscapes with the gorgeous sounds featured.

“Okarito Ways” by Larry Mindel

Larry Mindel’s newest song “Okarito Ways” is a fantastic mixture of folk and jazz. The artist beautifully blends the two genres together within the melody featured in both the instrumentation and vocals. The song invokes a sense of soothing vibes with its mellow, relaxed atmosphere. You have to check out the song to the very end as it features a gorgeous jazz piano solo!

“Dead Ringer” by Creature of Doom

American Indie Rock band Creature of Doom has released their newest single “Dead Ringer”. This tune features interesting melodies that twist and turn in unexpected ways. It is sung in hush tones, adding dynamic between the vocals and harsh electronic instrumentation. The tune might sound weird to some, but it is something to listen for as its oddity is what makes this song so enjoyable. Though it is something different, it is composed in such a way that is ear-pleasing.

“Ever Let Go” by Reggie Pryor

“With many of us facing situations where loved ones lost to the pandemic, I hope this song is a reminder of the importance of reaching out to family members, especially senior ones, who “have always been there” for us and return the favour.”

“Ever Let Go” by Reggie Pryor features a deep message about family and having someone that has always been there for us since the beginning. Pryor communicates this message clearly with the big dynamics features in the vocals. These vocals are placed on top of mellow instrumentation that elicits a sense of peace and restoration. DoN7t forgot to listen for the chorus as their big energy evoked!

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