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The Weekly for the Week of December 13 – December 19

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now

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“lifeless” by Saint Taint

“lifeless is a consideration of where I’m at in my life as a transhuman. I look in the mirror and realize I’m completely frozen by lack of desire/interest in much of anything at all—a feeling of lifelessness.”

Saint Taint reflects on things surrounding the artist and even ourselves in the song “lifeless”. The theme of self-neglect run deeply in the lyrics. The tune is not too loud nor too soft in every aspect of its musicality. There are small changes, but the song is rotted in its core vocal performance. Its slick performance with smooth melodies will surely grab any listener’s attention.

“Fall To The Sand” by Timeless Void

Timeless Void reflects outwardly on their acoustic take of the track “Fall To The Sand”. It is a gloomy reflection with minor tones and harsh acoustic that start off the track. By the one-minute mark, the track picks upstream with melodic vocals and a heavy bass line making their appearance. Listeners will surely listen for the haunting, otherworldly psychedelic rock vibes in “Fall To The Sand”. Just be sure to check out that amazing instrumentation in the beginning!

“People Fade” by Sky Olson

Sky Olson contemplates a common thing that we don’t really think about his in the newest track “People Fade”. A mellow John Mayer-inspired song, “People Fade” takes a look at the concept that people disappear from our lives. It can be all so bittersweet. But, it makes those who stick with use more meaningful You can hear this bittersweet tone in the instrumentation as it features a mellow feel with an electric guitar blazing along to support the vocals. The tune features quite a beautiful soundscape thanks to the airy yet shimmery vocals. If you are a big fan of John Mayer, then check this out.

“All Your Friends” by Icarus

Örebro-based songwriter & Producer Icarus make their splash with their debut album Dancing In The Dark. One track featured is “All Your Friends” with vocalist Quelle. It is a catchy electro tune with ear-pleasing hooks, slick vocals, and cool vibes. This is a dark-pop tune, but in a cool sort of way with the instrumentation harking back to the 80’s electro world. But, don’t miss the chorus as funky beats are sprinkled throughout. Icarus is an artist to look out for with their delicious electro tunes that listeners will not get enough of because they are so catchy.

Check out the album here:

“Saving Up All My Lovin'” by PHAT FLAVOUR CREW

PHAT FLAVOUR CREW is again with a track that you have to listen to! This time it is with the cool “Saving Up All My Lovin'”. It hards back to the 90s with the flavors of that era’s R&B and soul blended nicely with electro beats. The track also features slick layered analog synth texture that creates that nostalgic feel. Listeners shouldn’t miss out on the chorus as it features big sounds but also some mellow vocal lines. Such a throwback!

“Weeping Willow” by Modern Moxie

Modern Moxie reminiscences on their childhood with the song “Weeping Willow”. “A yearning for time spent climbing trees and being disconnected from the terror and turmoil of the outside world. ” The song was inspired by the diagnosis and the battle with MS with the singer’s younger brother. It is such a great listen with vocals that have a blend of soulful yet mellow in its tones. The instrumentation is subtle, supporting the very powerful voice with so many rich vocal textures and ranges. The instrumentation lays the soothing foundation with their dimmed sound. Listeners have to listen to “Weeping Willow” as it is a wonderful song melodically and lyrically.

“My Muse” by Miranda Joan

“This is my sexy love song to my muse, my passion, my partner: music. A friend of mine once told me that art will always be there when I need it, and ain’t that the truth. I look for her – my muse – to bandage all my bumps and bruises with melody and lyrics, she is where I channel my spirit and a safe place to land my love.”

Canadian Neo-Soul artist Miranda Joan praises her love for music in her newest track “My Muse”. Miranda Joan’s newest song is a flavorful taste of neo-soul as the track features so much color. Listeners can first hear this flavor in the instrumentation as the synth twists and turn in delicious ways. Then there are the vocals that are filled with so much soul and heart. Don’t miss out on the delectable textures and tone feature in Joan’s vocals as they are so gorgeous.

“Failed English” by AVIV

AVIV reflects on the feeling of detesting your ex while missing them in their new single “Failed English”. The singer talks about the song as something that “explores the somewhat nasty feelings which erupted following a breakup and demonization of the individual who broke up with you as a defense mechanism”. “Failed English” mixes modern with retro as the track features sound from nineties alternative pop, but with modern twists. The track also features shiny synths, sweet melodies, and funk-fueled bubbling beats that create a serene pop soundscape. Just check out AVIV’s sweet vocals, they are a must-listen!

“Girl from Margate” by Fergusons

“Girl from Margate” by Fergusons reflects on the feeling that the band felt during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Since COVID, I moved to the seafront with my girlfriend, and I saw my surroundings, my life-changing entirely. I think this new single reflects the feelings of love and wonder that these changes provoked in me.” These lyrics are interweaved in a melodic journey of various sounds inspired by alternative rock and psychedelia. You can hear the alt-rock side in the melodic guitars and the euphonious piano chords. Yet, listeners have to check out the psychedelia as it is a different side of the song, but it is still ear-pleasing and very intriguing.

“Ring mig till liv” by Ellinor Skagegård feat. Viktor Odeheim

Get ready for New Year with this mellow tune by Swedish artist Ellinor Skagegård feat. Viktor Odeheim. It is inspired by the famous Swedish poem “Ring klocka ring”. According to the band, the song “was written at the end of the pandemic year 2020, as a farewell to dark times and with the hope of something better to come”. It is such a beautiful tune with the gorgeous vocals from the female vocals. But, listeners should listen to blend with the female and male vocals as they are simply magical!

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