You are currently viewing The Weekly for the Week of November 8 – November 14

The Weekly for the Week of November 8 – November 14

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now

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“Let You” by Oasys de la rue

Oasys de la rue’s latest release is something that listeners have never heard before. “Let You” is a mixture of experimental metal and afro beats. It is the experience behind that drives someone crazy when they feel like their back is against a wall. The message is translated in the metal guitar riffs mixed with fast-paced, heavy drums that represent psychosis. Then you have the vocoder vocals singing the metal upon the danceable afrobeat melody. It is something different than the norm, but “Let You” is a definite must-listen for its uniqueness and bold energy.

“Unify” by Sub:Om

“I don’t want to let you down.” Catchy choruses are sprinkled throughout UK artist Sub:Om’s newest single. The vocals and some melodies reminisce to Tear for Fears (I feel like the vocals channel some sort of similar energy to the band). Inside the addictive melodies is a dark mist that surrounds the song’s atmosphere. Listeners will find them inside a tantalizing jungle of dark moods and groovy lines with “Unify”.

“Отпусти” by ZKHR x Daria Loiter

“How to let go of what is no longer yours? How not to get lost in the world of illusions?” Russian artists ZKHR and Daria Loiter explore those feelings in their latest release “Отпусти” (Let Go). This melancholic reflection is all about how important is to face pain without trying to escape from it. Feathery vocals and gorgeous instrumentation beautifully reflect back on these thoughts. I just love the piano-driven melodies that twist and turn in gorgeous ways, especially during the chorus. It is a breathtaking listen!

“Cast a Line” by Christian Parker

American Indie Folk singer-songwriter Christian Parker warmly incorporates the feelings of emotion, tension, and hope in the lyrics for “Cast a Line”. Pensive acoustic and chiming electric guitars are overflowing throughout. Catchy hooks are featured in delightful creates like the chorus. And hints of truth are found not only in the lyrics but also in Parker’s vocals as sings with such emotions and honesty. Christian Parker doesn’t hold back with “Cast a Line” as he paints a sincere tune with inspiring lyrics, mellow moods, and memorable hooks.

“Lucky (Remix)” by Tori Martin

American folk singer Tori Martin brings a fresh perspective and a sense of authenticity with her latest release of “Lucky (Remix)”. This remixed version is a catchy one with hip, mid-tempo, pop-country vibes. It features pleasant instrumentations and singable, catchy choruses. Everything about this song makes it is an earworm with its feel-good pop-country vibes and its addictive nature. It will have listeners singing along in no time!

“Skeletons” by The Boneheads

“Skeletons” by the Canadian rock band The Boneheads is such a compelling tune that listeners can’t miss. The lyrics depict the struggle of holding on to a secret that, if revealed, would damage the way we are perceived by friends and family. A melodic, slightly raspy vocals sing charming melodies with the guitar supporting with interesting licks. Piano, drums, ghostly backing vocals、and organs bits are sprinkled throughout to add that bluesy, cool rock feel. Don’t miss the break as there is the instrumentations featured take their own solos to the next level!

“Tower of Regret” by Esme Bridie

“I wrote “Tower of Regret” about a moment when someone put me down and tried to tell me that I shouldn’t do what I wanted to do in life. The song is about having the strength in those moments to stand up for yourself and your dreams.”

UK artist Esme Bridie’s newest single is a gorgeous indie pop-rock tune that will inspire others to follow their dreams. Dreamy, emotive vocals lead listeners down the song’s path filled with intricate guitar lines. Just check out those guitar licks during the chorus as they add depth. But, my favorite part is the release at the end of the chorus with a lively rock beat and soulful, gorgeous vocals singing. “Tower of Regret” is one song you have to listen to as it is a song of strength within its bittersweet melodies.

“Act That Way” (feat. Connor Foley) by Kings Of Sweden

Get ready to dance this Monday with “Act That Way” (feat. Connor Foley) by Kings Of Sweden. This upbeat tune features melodic vocals and a mixture of dreamy and heavy hitting synth lines. It features great dynamics as it has a soft verse and then big energy in the choruses. The song is all about the feeling of being in a toxic relationship and trying to cope with it, something listeners can easily relate to. With its addictive synth melodies, smooth vocals, and relatable lyrics, “Act That Way” is a hit for sure!

“Former Life” by Bridge Dog

If you a fan of the rough, raw rock of the early nineties, then “Former Life” by Australian rock band Bridge Dog. The song does feature the band’s signature sound of fuzzy, feedback-heavy, garage pop. But, they experimented with something new: 90s garage rock. Though the jungle of the grungy sounds, the song is actually a gem with addictive melodies (especially in the chorus), nifty guitar riffs, and mellow vocals. If you are a fan of 90s’ Weezer, then this song is for you!

“I’m Alright” by The Moody Game Boy

Travel back to the time of 80s’ synthpop with “I’m Alright” by The Moody Game Boy. This tune is sort of a hymn to celebrate that we are all different and that is ok. It is a danceable track with addictive melodies in the vocals and instrumentations that colorfully contour. Different depths of synth sounds come seeping in at every corner in the song. The Moody Game Boy’s newest song is a colorful array of the iconic 80’s synthpop sound, yet features inspirational lyrics to inspire others to be different.

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