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The Weekly for the Week of November 15 – November 21

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now

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“Motorbike” by NATALYA

NATALYA’s newest single “Motorbike” was inspired by the artist’s mentor Prince. It is a wonderful fusion of pop, funk, and Rock ‘n’ Roll. It features funky bass licks, dreamy instrumentations, and mellow vocals. The song has a theatrical feel that features the artist’s sophisticated melodies and emotional sincerity. Listeners can hear the musical influences of Prince in every section, but NATALYA takes that influence and make the song her own with her vocals, instrumentation, and melodies. It is such a well-written tune!

“Honey Blossom” by Limón Limón

American Indie duo Limón Limón hopes to bring a touch of mellowness with their latest single “Honey Blossom”. It is a refreshing blend of Indie, Bossanova, and R&B. It features an arrangement of acoustic instruments like flute, acoustic guitar, Cuica (the Brazilian “monkey drum”), bongos, and an upright grand piano. With its smooth. airy vocals and mellow melodies featured in the instrumentation, “Honey Blossom” is the song to kick back and relax to after a long day of work!

“Exhale” by Abandon the Fall x Dayshell

Alt Rock artists Abandon the Fall and Dayshell hopes to take listeners through a nostalgic rock trip with their latest single “Exhale”. The two artists experiment on a blend of a nostalgic rock sound with industrial and EDM elements. It is a strong battle anthem that talks about the battles that we face against ourselves. “Exhale” features a sound rock vibe and catchy melodies in the vocals. If you are a fan of Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory, then this is a song for you!

“No Time To Die (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (feat. Zana & Lady Piano) [Special Version]” by Miami73

Artist Miami73 covers No Time To Die, originally down by Billie Eilish. I can admit that I never heard of the original version, but the cover is haunting with evocative piano melodies. It also features melodic vocals that have an impressive range, going from high notes to deep ones in a matter of seconds. Finally, there are electrifying guitar riffs sprinkled throughout to bring an edgier sound to the mix. It is such a dynamic song that no one should pass up!

“She Needs You” by Dirt Farmer

Canadian Indie Rock band Dirt Farmer released their new single “She Needs You” ahead of their upcoming album. According to the artist, the lyrics of the song “revolve around the underdog of society in a poetic, melancholy kind of way.” Though “She Needs You” features the band’s own version of electronica-tinged Americana pop, there is a sense of nostalgia that harks back to 60’s rock in the chorus’ melody. Nevertheless, Dirt Farmer features catchy hooks and melancholy instrumentation that makes it a must-listen!

“Slow Love” by Ben Camden

Australian singer-songwriter Ben Camden is back, this time with the track “Slow Love”. The song feature Camden’s signature deep baritone vocals that oozes with warmth and color. It is so delicious to listen to! “Slow Love” features a retro 70s/80s vibe with an 80’s keyboard synth and Stratocaster. This soothing tune features mellow instrumentation, bittersweet lyric, and a light-hearted feeling. It is the perfect song to listen to anywhere for it has a mellow, calming mood that is ear-pleasing!

“Amazing” by Merv pinny

Australian Indie Rock artist Merv pinny releases “Amazing” with big energy. The song features heavy bass backing vocals that mix Rock ‘N’ Roll and Doo-wop together. The main vocals feature big energy as features a wide range of sounds and a big sound. I just love how catchy the backing vocals are as they are deep and feature a palatable melody. If you are looking for a song that features big energy and classic Rock ‘N’ Roll sounds, then check out “Amazing” by Merv pinny.

“By Your Side” by Allie Merges

Allie Merge writes about fighting what’s logistically possible with what the soul desires with her newest single “By Your Side”. It is about connecting to someone on a spiritual level and wanting so badly to be with them, but timing, location, relationships, keep getting in the way. The singer-songwriter captivates listeners with her lush alto vocals with warm, soulful tones. The song also features folk feels with its melodies but also unique instrumentation like a banjo strumming. “By Your Side” by Allie Merges is a solid folk/Americana tune that features lush vocals and folk melodies.

“BOOMERANG” by Cooper Phillip

Soul-infused electro-pop artist Cooper Phillip has released her newest single “BOOMERANG”. The track talks about taking the time and space to make conscious choices, as your decisions directly affect the quality of your life. The song features the artist’s passionate songwriting with dynamic build-ups, soaring vocals, and intense moods. There is a sense of strength, grace, and empowerment in the song, through the lyrics but also with Cooper’s powerful, soulful lyrics. You have to listen to this song to understand why it is such a great listen!

“One Way” by Ixilès

Get ready to dance your Monday away with the upbeat track “One Way” by French Electropop artist Ixilès. The track features addictive vocal lines with soulful and honeyed tones. It also has a hypnotic electronic groove with feel-good vibes. Its upbeat, groovy beats will have listeners dancing in no time!

BONUS: “C.A.R.D.B.O.A.R.D.C.U.T.O.U.T.” by Bacchanal

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