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The Weekly for the Week of November 22 – November 28

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now

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“Down Below Or Up Above” by Blake Morgan

“This is a love song––as is much if not most of the record. It is an unabashed one, which states ‘After all at last, in any fall or crash, should I go down below or up above, it’s you I would love.”

If you love The Police’s “Every Breath You Take”, then you will love Blake Morgan’s modern answer to the classic rock tune with his own single “Down Below Or Up Above”. This love song is a melodic one with groovy guitar riffs and smooth dulcet vocals. There is a bit of a soothing vibe as the melody is like waves, coming and crashing to pacify the listener’s soul. A must-listen if you are a fan of 80’s rock!

“Riddles” by Pesci in Pink

Inspire your week with this groovy rock tune by US rock duo Pesci in Pink. Their new single “Pesci in Pink” is a delight with its pacifying vibes and bright melodies. The chorus is especially catchy with those mellow “oohs” singing along with the catchy main melody. This is a perfect tune to listen to anywhere as it has those feel-good vibes that will light up your day!

“Always Together” by BODLOV

BODLOV delivers a sizzling instrumental with their latest single “Always Together”. This seems like a club song with the chilled deep house beat and featuring vocals, but don’t be fooled as this can be heard anywhere. The main star is the blazing saxophone solos that take the song by storm. Listeners cannot miss these solos because they are smoking! There is so much dynamic and texture in each melodic line that is so alluring and addictive.

“I Hate My Life” by Mr. Max

Mr. Max’s “I Hate My Life” is a punk rock tune that will have heads banging. This tune features big energy in every note and part. It is a well-written punk rock tune with its electrifying guitars and the “no holding back” vocals. “I Hate My Life” features ear-pleasing melodic and parts that come together so well.

“Winds on the Ocean” by Mike Coykendall

American rock singer-songwriter Mike Coykendall channels late ’90s Dylan with “Winds on the Ocean”. The tune has a feeling of Skip James country blues with the guitar riffs and the rhythm, The vocals channel country blues as they sing with a melodic, bouncy tone. Listeners should pay attention to the lyrics as they reference frequenting neighborhood places where the singer is one of the oldest people at that certain place. It is a cool classic rock tune that has an upbeat, swinging tempo with appealing guitar riffs and vocals.

“Ships in the Night” by Steve Nicosia

Candian Indie Folk artist Steve Nicosiacaptures the metaphor of ships passing by in the night about relationships with his newest single “Ships in the Night”. The instrumental captures the sadness you might feel when you think about all of the potential people you could have built meaningful relationships with. A melancholic piece that centers around Nicosia’s detailed strumming, it’s an alluring piece with various sounds and tones from mysterious to soothing. A great listen!

“Pull the Rope” by Daniel Jones

Drift away with the gorgeous acoustic guitar melodies of UK Indie Folk artist Daniel Jones’ newest single “Pull the Rope”. The artist delivers a strong vocal performance with a robust, deep singing style. His voice supports by equally strong lyrics that paint an intimate relationship. Though the song starts off with beautiful gorgeous acoustic guitar riffs, it is joined midway with double bass and an electric guitar to give the song more vigor and depth. It is such a beautiful tune!

“What If?” by Marla & David Celia

Marla & David Celia’s newest single “What If?” invites you to the world of hypnotic Eastern sway in a dream of world peace. The song is an inviting Psychedelic Rock tune with Phil Spector-like drum beat. Strummed chords are played throughout in a melancholy method. They support the vocals which set the song’s mood of peaceful and mellow. Make sure to check out the twist and turns of the vocal melody and there are unexpected but alluring notes featured.

“Heaven’s Door” by Sarah La Puerta

US artist Sarah La Puerta creates a melancholy world with the single “Heaven’s Door”. The single comes off from the artist’s recently released album Strange Paradise.”Heaven’s Door” delivers dreaminess in the vocals and the instrumentation. There is a sense of sweetness in the instrumentation, especially when the lap steel guitar comes in and out of like ocean waves. It is a relaxing song that will make your week more melancholy.

“Fat Fish” by Kelp Monkey

Kelp Monkey’s newest single “Fat Fish” paints vivid imagery through thoughtful words rich with meaning and symbolism. The tune narrates the path through loss and change. The vocals have a sense of vulnerability seeped in the tones with welcoming and soothing vibes. How each section blends artfully into the next one displays the band’s talent. Listeners have to listen to the swaying melody as it is crafted so gorgeously that one will listen over and over to it.

BONUS: “Mountain Tribes” by theBurgerTunes

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