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The Weekly for the Week of November 29 – December 5

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now

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“The Day” by THEIA

“The Day is a song I wish I’d written ten years ago because it has helped me see through so much of my bullshit behavior. It wouldn’t have meant anything ten years ago though really, I was a different person, so here we are! I made it to 27 and I’m still alive. Still struggling, still learning, but proving that my past self was thankfully wrong.”

UK Hard Rock artist THEIA talks about his personal struggles with the release of his newest single “The Day”. It is a tribute to vocalist Kyle Lamley’s endurance through his struggles with mental health. Hard rock vibes seep from each note as darkness cloaks the song’s atmosphere with blazing electric guitars, jarring vocal melodies, and raucous feels from both the instrumentation and vocals. Listeners shouldn’t miss out on the deep guitar riffs that chug along, creating a sort of depth to “The Day”.

“Old School Loverboy” by Tommy Romero x Matterhornz

Get ready to get up and dance along to this rockin’ tune by Swiis artists Tommy Romero and Matterhornz. “Old School Loverboy” brings back the 50’s ol’ rock n’ roll feeling. It is a swell one as it really captive the upbeat rock n’ roll from sixty years ago. The beat is addictive and the melody is smooth. It is a hit that will want to just dance the night away with!

“Not Going Home” by Wolf Run

Look to the future with Pennsylvania alternative/indie outlet Wolf Run’s debut single “Not Going Home”. It is a reflection on past mistakes with a look towards eliminating toxic, familiar patterns.It is a mostly soothing tune with a blend of light-dark. The light part is the acoustic guitar, piano, banjo, and trumpet. The dark part is the heavier alternative guitars and drums. With this unique blend, “Not Going Home” is a fabulous listen as it is relaxing with soft-toned instruments yet has depth with the harsher sounds.

“Nothern Lights” by The Baylands

US Indie Pop band explores the idea that “Miracles Can Happen” with their newest single “Northern Lights”. The band tried to capture this idea for the song: the aversion humans have to suffer but also the yearning we have for events that astound us, throw us into the present, and force us to feel the moment fully, for better or for worse. It is a soulful and gentle indie-pop with atmospheric piano, synth, and bass. It also features ethereal yet soulful vocals that take the listeners down this mellow musical journey. You can’t pass up this song!

“One More Night” by Fo Daniels

Fo Daniels brings a fun-loving vibe with his recent release “One More Night”. It is a groovy rock track that takes inspiration from the surf rock genre. The upbeat tempo is found in the guitars as one plays chords like a drum while the other blazes with its unique sound. Listeners should pay attention to vocals as they shined with their sweet, sunny tones. This tune is great for driving on a warm sunny day!

“Kids of The Night” by Squares

Washington D.C.-based band Squares blends indie pop with rock in their newest single “Kids of The Nights”. The track is an upbeat pop-rock one with catchy hooks and infectious rhythms It features slick vocals with dreamy harmonies. Don’t forget to listen closely to the wicked guitar part in the chorus as it is groovy. The band hopes that listeners will sing along to their addictive new single!

“Commodity” by Duel Native

Australian artist Duel Native released their latest single “Commodity” in hopes to blend modern and retro in the musicality. Listeners will hear nostalgia in each note as the artist tries to bring some familiarity to the table. However, the artist brings a fresh perspective on this sound with his own musicality. The song is filled with melancholic yet hopeful tones. But it isn’t a downer, not a bit! It is actually an upbeat tune that is a pleasant listen for anyone’s week.

“I tara Fan Fan” by Afrodelic x Erica Jennings

Lithuanian artist Afrodelic brings an intriguing mix of African music and electronic rhythms with the single “I tara Fan Fan” featuring Erica Jennings. The tune is very interesting as it features different kinds of melodies and grooves that blend perfectly together. It is actually exhilarating to listen as it is so delicious but sparks curiosity in anyone who listens. Afrodelic and Eric Jennings do an amazing job mixing African music and electronic rhythms to create something ear-pleasing, addictive, and refreshing. Listeners have to listen to this song because it is so well-crafted!

“Isayhey.” by Ilbacken

Get ready and dance with “Isayhey.” by Ilbacken. This is an addictive, upbeat dance track that has a contrast of sweet female vocals and mellow baritone male vocals. “Isayhey.” is the artist’s first attempt in the slap house genre and they do an amazing job. The track is well-composed with addictive dance beats, cool instrumentation, and great melodic hooks. You have to dance to this song this week!

“Entendre” by Oscar Jeffery

Relax this with “Entendre” by Oscar Jeffery. This track was inspired by the likes of Ludovico Einaudi & John Carpenter. Calm piano melodies bring the song to life with its soothing yet modern sound. It is a gorgeous composition that is perfect for any time of the day!

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