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The Weekly for the Week of October 4 – October 10

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now

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“christine” by Zoë Ferguson

About the artist: Zoë Ferguson began writing songs as a freshman as a way to cope with high school experiences and breakups. Her father, musician/singer Bart Ferguson, is a familiar performer in the Portland music scene where Zoë grew up with music and songwriting in her blood. Teaching herself piano, Zoë self-recorded and uploaded some of her tunes to SoundCloud, which launched her journey as an original artist. After she was chosen to participate in Atlantic Records’ and APG, EMERGE program,

Zoë continued to develop her unique voice, recording demos in a studio where her passion for performance and composition only grew. With the help of professional producers her sound came to life, and at age 17, her first single as an independent artist, “Dip”, proudly showcases her talents as a singer/songwriter in the bedroom/electro-pop genre.

“思い出す” (Remember) by Freddie A

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“North Tour” by The Meanderings

About the song: “”North Tour” is a cool, upbeat folk song off our new album Downtown Daze. It is about a tour that we did in the northern mid-west and all of the fun, crazy experiences that we had during that time.” — The Meanderings

“Listen” by Better Off

About the band: Formed in 2010, Better Off has been wildly active as a touring act and in the studio, logging three LPs and a debut EP. They have taken the past couple of years to take a step back and reimagine the musicians they want to be. “By slowing down and taking our time to reflect and truly articulate our thoughts and feelings, It made me a better songwriter and rethink my own process,” recalls frontman Luke Granered.

The Nashville band’s new effort represents a huge leap forward– from the opening notes, It’s hard to imagine a crew more focused, melodic, and searing, Conjuring golden era indie, classic punk, alternative, pop and emo references that rely on big guitars and even bigger hooks, the band confidently delivers melodic hook after melodic hook.

“Through the Night” by Quote the Raven

About the song: “This song came about during a tour through Eastern Canada in 2019. Our good friend Charlie A’Court graciously asked us both over for a meal and after chatting about the trials and tribulations of being road warriors, it wasn’t long until guitars were taken out and music was being made!

Reminiscing about some of the absent-minded things we all do in our daily lives and how we beat ourselves up over them, the group realized that it’s the people closest to us that help us through those hurdles. The people who help balance out the good and the bad are the ones we’d do anything for because we’re better together.” — Quote the Raven


About the artist: CIDCITY is a multi-faceted artist who has been writing and making music for many years. His lifelong obsession with music is fed with a wide range of influences and tastes which he blends into his art. His previous project was singer-songwriter-focused rock music released under his real name Jez Bonham.

“Numb” by Jsmiling

About the song: “This song is about the feeling of constantly being disappointed and let down by people to the point where it no longer affects me and is to be expected. I wrote it around a trivial time in life so it reflects how I felt then and how it has changed me as a person.” — Jsmiling

“Midnight in Cologne” by Doppe & Kokke

About the artist: Doppe & Kokke is a music-producing duo that incorporates life experiences and phenomena, transforming them into contemporary emotions that rejoicing people to see bright in the future.

Originally from Sweden, now making music from Switzerland with the focus of creating songs that brings joy and good feelings. Music might not change the world but can change the people living in it.

“Truths You Crave” by Belladon

About the artist: Belladon was created by Aimee Jacobs(former singer and synth player of The Burning of Rome). She started the project because she wanted to find a compositional bridge between classical music and contemporary pop music. Her music education is deeply rooted in classical piano as well as Opera performance. “I didn’t really fit with classical academia or the rock/pop (name a genre) music scene. People stuck their noses up at me from both sides for different reasons”.

Belladon is an attempt to create somewhere to belong for Jacobs but also a way to create a bridge between these two seemly unrelated genres.

“Something To Hold” by The Shadowboxers

About the song: “”Something To Hold” speaks to the feeling of helplessness that comes from knowing you messed up in a relationship. It’s a track for that untenable time when you don’t know if you’re gonna get forgiveness. It’s a song for the dog house.” — The Shadowboxers

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