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The Weekly for the Week of October 11 – October 17

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now

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“All the World” by Pale Fire

Pale Fire’s “All the World” is a type of pop-rock that is for those people who feel pressure to put away their childish things. With soaring melodies and distorted guitars, “All the World” is the band’s attempt at sounding like REM from the IRS era. It is song is influenced by Townes Van Zandt, Scottish Makar Edwin Morgan’s poem about Pontius Pilate ‘Pilate at Fortingall’ and the Roman Catholic preoccupation with the age 33.

“No Me Voy a Enamorar” by Samurl Ortiz

Samuel Ortiz brings a chilled vibe to his newest song. This soothing electropop tune strikes a chord with the listeners as it touches on the heartbreak and emotional wear and tear of falling in love with a person. Yet, it doesn’t feel sad in the rhythms and melodies. It is actually pretty happy and lovely!

“Strange Time Boogie” by Arn-Identified Flying Objects And Alien Friends

Arn-Identified Flying Objects And Alien Friends is back again, this time with a new single! This power-pop/rockabilly song is a political one. “People of at the top-selling out and going to bed with the extreme right in order to remain in pow”. While it has a serious lyrical topic, the vibe is actually upbeat and catchy. It sounds like a song by Tom Petty!

“Ripper” by Vegas No.8 x Henning Basse

This catchy rock song features mesmerizing guitar licks! It is actually a very dark song about a sadistic butcher. With addictive melodies and just talented in the vocals and guitars, “Ripper” is totally a must-listen!

“Original Sin” by In a Bag

Canadian rock band In a Bag’s newest single is about the idea of human urges and how giving into them can sometimes be constructive. It is such a mellow tune, but there are times where it is electrifying. Don’t forget to check out the anthemic melodies featured in the chorus that soars in euphonious ways.

“Any Other Name” by Denver Williams

“Any Other Name” is a mellow pop-rock/alt-rock tune that is energetic and fun. I just love the electric guitar at certain parts like the very beginning with those groovy solos. The tone from the acoustic guitar and from the artist’s vocals are dulcet, yet their unique tones attract the listeners to listen for more. Williams’s delivers a performance that is energic but also soothes with groovy guitars and mellow vocals.

“Fixated” by fresh steps

“Fixated” is, for me, a step back to my high school years as this is an excellent pop-punk tune. And it is something I would have listened to over and over in high school. Beautiful harmonies in the chorus, rowdy riffs, and melodious vocals are sung with an arrogant snarl. fresh steps’ song is about “hoping someone you know who’s struggling finds a way to get better”. “Fixated” is highly recommended for its relatable lyrics and being a well-composed pop-punk song!

“You” by Blaikz x Tom Civic x Robaer

“Keep me up at midnight!” This newest song between German artists Blaikz, Tom Civic, and Robaer is a bop that will have you dancing from beat one! Its infectious melodies can be found in the smooth female vocals and the electronic instruments. This is the perfect club song for the weekend!

“Feel the Bass Kick” by PHAT FLAVOUR CREW

I love “Feel the Bass Kick” so much! It is such a groovy and catchy tune! This instrumental track has a 70s funky groove to it. But, there are points in the tune that feels modern. It features clavinets, vintage breaks, and moog bass. A perfect instrumental to groove to anywhere at any time!

“Say What You Want” by Amanda Adams

Familial betrayal, love, and forgiveness are the central theme behind Amanda Adams’s newest song. It talks about the struggle of feeling hurt and anger towards someone you love. Adams was inspired by her own personal experiences. However, she thinks that the lyrics have multiple interpretations and can be interrupted in many different ways. Musically, “Say What You Want” is a gorgeous indie-folk with ethereal harmonies, soothing melodies, and talented songwriting. It is a must-listen!

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