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The Weekly for the Week of October 18 – October 24

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now

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“Set Me on Fire” by The Day Dreamers

Canadian Indie pop-rock band Day Dreamers creates a dreamy landscape with their latest single “Set on Fire”. The tune sends listeners on a vivid journey with lush vocal melodies, soft guitar riffs, and mellow rock moods. The ethereal beauty of the three-part vocal harmony actually represents the mix of anger and hopelessness of the impending doom of our planet. The song was inspired by the band’s hometown and features a Montreal indie sound. Such a gorgeous listen!

“The Four Walls” by Alicia Stockman

Alicia Stockman is back again with “The Four Walls”. According to the artist, “the track was written to help the songwriter process a former relationship in which her partner had a severe depression/anxiety disorder”. The song showcases Stockman’s vulnerability with strip-down melodies and dreamy lyrics. The singer-songwriter hopes that listeners can feel more intimate while listening to the song, knowing that they aren’t alone with their mental health.

“DTF (Down to funk, are You?)” by SilverTwins of Funk x Jenny Silver

If you need a funky song to jump-start your day or week, then you have to listen to “DTF (Down to funk, are You?)”. This collaboration single with Swedish artists SilverTwins of Funk and Jenny Silver features an electronic funky beat that is upbeat and groovy. Silver’s vocals add a nice touch as their honey-combed tones add something pleasant to the song. “DTF (Down to funk, are You?)” will have you dancing to it with its sensational melodies and sweet vocals.


“SCREAM” is the debut single between American artists MATRIXX and RNBHunter. The song features catchy melodies within the slick R&B vocals. It is a short song, only clocking in at 2 minutes and 18 seconds, but there is a lot to savor musically in “SCREAM” with its delicious melodies and oh-so-good vocals.

“Wasted” by Catherine Moan

American synthpop artist Catherine Moan offers something new to the table with their latest single “Wasted”. A mixture of vintage synthesizer textures and modern pop songwriting, “Wasted” creates a vivid musical landscape with its spacious vocals and ardent synthesized melodies. It is exhilarating because of how Moan paints the song with the vocals and instrumentation. If you are a fan of Chromatics, CHVRCHES, and TR/ST., then you have to check out Catherine Moan’s “Wasted” today!

“Colour In The Shade” by Run Into The Night

“Colour In The Shade” is the newest single by the Scottish rock duo Run Into The Night. The main star of the song is the suspenseful female vocals. These edgy vocal tones take the listener through a journey of twists and turns that are unexpected. They display a great dynamic in their range: one moment they are sweet than the next they are gritty. Don’t forget to enjoy the catchy melodies featured in the jarring electronic guitar riffs

“Flying To The Sun” by Flowerchild

Denmark alt-rock project Flowerchild hopes that listeners can share the bittersweetness featured in their latest single “Flying To The Sun”. The song is about unconditional love that was never to be. Instead, a toxic one that burns the song’s characters as it turns out to be a truly toxic one. “Flying To The Sun” features soaring guitar and vocal arrangements that attract listeners with their melancholic sounds and addictive soothing melodies. Check out the music video as it is pretty sweet!

“I Don’t Need” by Eric Walker

Filled with unforgettable pop-rock melodies and brilliant talent, listeners should check out British artist Eric Walker’s newest single today. According to the artist, the song was “written about that feeling often experienced when you are near the end of a relationship and you realize that neither of you cares anymore and you no longer need each other to feel happiness”. The song is filled with sassy from the brazen vocals to the blaring guitar riffs. It is oozing with talent, especially with Walker’s vocals as he is able to change tones and go from high to low range instantly. You have to listen to that!

“Dock of the Bay” by Kano

Time to get on the dance floor with Italian funk band Kano’s Dock of the Bay”. A mixture of 9 surefire discos and italo-disco tinged jams, this song will bring back memories of the music of the past. It features retro beats of funk within the bass, guitar, and synthesizers. Then there are the addictive italo-disco melodies with the vocals. The band hopes that “Dock of the Bay” can bring some fun into everyone’s lives today!

“Movement Nation” by Goofy Cow

Czech Republic band Goofy Cow just released an interesting single. “Movement Nation” features a mixture of pop-punk and rap. Though it seems bizarre at first, the two totally different genres actually come together nicely in this song. They are featured in two different places: the slick raps in the chorus and then the pop-punk melodies in the chorus and breaks. The song actually mocks people who sell themselves and use hot and sensitive topics for their own fame. “We have so many movements and protestants around the world, that due to their quantity we lost the essence of these problems.”

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