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The Weekly for the Week of September 13 – September 19

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now!

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“Billions” by AMEA

About the song: “Billion” is the soundtrack of AMEA – the provincial girl who never felt suppressed by restrictions and since she was a child secretly stood on the neighbour’s fields and sang to herself. AMEA allows herself to have epic dreams of a grand scale, far beyond the borders of any restriction – and fulfill a career as the exceptional songwriter and artist that she truly is. 

“This Message Will Self-Destruct” by Eon MC Etc. & The Libra

“Letter to my Boys” by Scraggleface and the Trash Folk Experiment

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“Останемся (Акустическая версия)” by The Solarburst x ZKHR

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“Danse Nuptiale” by RAF21

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“If I Hadn’t Met You” by Lior Holzman

About the song: “The song talks about the moment you understand who’s the right person for you and what’s making him/her so right for you. It was written from an underdog perspective, meaning that you don’t feel like you are the person he/she dreamt about, but you are willing to fight for this love because you know you are also the right person for him/her” — Lior Holzman

“Reflections” by septemberwalk

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“The Reasons” by Skyelar

About the band: ‘The Reasons’ is a dream pop/rock song that is the third single release of Skyelar. Skyelar is an independent music project from singer, songwriter, and producer Jaklien Verham, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. For the composition of the song, she’s worked with songwriter/producer and keyboard player Sander Heerings (Wane of Summer, Into the open, Passion Arcade) who also plays the piano on the song. Sander and Jaklien have known each other for a long time and of and on worked together on several music projects. The Reasons was written together several years ago.  

“Drive Away” by Charles Berkeley x KINNOHA x Gallanka

About the artist: Charlie Berkeley Booth, better known by his stage name Charles Berkeley, is a British music producer, songwriter, and artist. Whether behind a synth writing and recording pop music or on stage electrifying audiences as a member of Neon Mirrors and Drogo, Charlie has a deep connection and devotion to all things music. His diverse background has led him to perform in bands — from rock to electro — and producing music for sync and publishing. From this, he has a deep appreciation and understanding of modern music, which has led to his launching the solo career of Charles Berkeley.

“Nothing” by Guyville

About the band: Guyville is a Los Angeles-based duo comprised of its founding members, Kat Hamilton and Emily Hulslander. The pair craft songs that combine elements of 90s rock, pop, and country. As their name suggests, the legacy of Liz Phair brought these two powerful women together in songwriting bliss. The duo strikes the perfect chord with Hulslander’s intelligent pop approach and Hamilton’s confessional lyricism. 

The Weekly Playlist

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