You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Titi Woo’s Covers Beloved Tune “Between The Raindrops”

The Daily Feature: Titi Woo’s Covers Beloved Tune “Between The Raindrops”

Today’s Daily Feature is “Between The Raindrops” (בין טיפות המים) by Russian Alternative Rock artist Titi Woo. This tune is a Hebrew cover version of “Spetter Pieter Pater” by Herman van Veen from the Dutch-Japanese animated show Alfred J. Kwak. For me, I know this song as “Yakusoku da yo“, which was the Japanese version of the song. The legendary Megumi Hayashibara sang this version.

When I stumbled on this version by Titi Woo, I was filled with nostalgia as I love this song so much. However, Woo has noted that he has modified the lyrics to resonate with a more mature audience. But, the pure and naïve nature was left intact. That is what makes the song such a loveable one. The melodies are always endearing, filled with that child-like wonder in each note. Its feel-good nature will make listeners want to sing along.

Titi Woo does a great job transforming this beloved theme song into a modern rock tune. The musician uses synthesizers, piano, booming drum sets, acoustic guitar, and punchy electronic guitars. Yet, each instrument is super important in making this cover enjoyable. Electronic guitars bring upbeat, blazing energy with the drum kit. Then the synthesizers produce engaging submelodies to catch the listener’s attention. After that, the acoustic guitar creates a soothing atmosphere in the chorus with the drums. Finally, the vocals are a perfect fit with their rockish yet soft tones.

Russian musician Titi Woo’s cover of a beloved theme song is a masterpiece. The artist effectively brought the song into the modern age by making it into a rock tune. The way Woo does it is magnificent and shouldn’t be missed!

Make sure to check out “Between The Raindrops” down below and let me know what you think!

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Titi Woo's Covers Beloved Tune "Between The Raindrops"

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