You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Checking Out Tito Jackson’s Newest Single “Love One Another”

The Daily Feature: Checking Out Tito Jackson’s Newest Single “Love One Another”

Today’s Daily Feature is a very special one because it features the one and only Tito Jackson. Many will know him as the brother of the King of Pop Michael Jackson, but also a member of the legendary Jackson 5. Tito is releasing his first album in about five years, entitled Under Your Spell, on August 6th. This blues album will feature many talented and well-known artists such as George Benson, Joe Bonamassa, Marlon Jackson, Eddie Levert, Kenny Neal, Bobby Rush, and Stevie Wonder. I have listened to the album already and I can say it is a must-listen as it is filled with terrific songs!

One song that will be featured on this album is “Love One Another”, which was released as a single a couple of weeks ago. The song is performed by Tito Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Kenny Neal, Bobby Rush, ft. Stevie Wonder on harmonica. It is called a “perfect antidote for today’s times of doubt and trepidation.” Here is Tito Jackson himself talking about the inspiration behind “Love One Another”:

Why Should Listen to Tito Jackson’s Newest Single

“Love One Another” is an uptempo blues-rock tune that features an uplifting message, catchy melodies, and marvelous instrumentation. Of course, one would really notice Stevie Wonder’s impeccable and splendid harmonica sub melodies within the first thirty seconds. But, if you listen to the song carefully, you can hear that it that the hard rock guitar drives the song with its deep, grungy licks. But don’t forget about Tito’s vocals as they are really fitting for the song with their soulful tones that change colors throughout the song. One moment, the vocal can be light, then in another, it can be dark, thus highlighting Tito’s versatility in creating interesting vocal melodies.

How about you: what do you like about Tito Jackson’s newest single? Make sure to check out “Love One Another” and let me know what you think in the comments!

Visit Tito Jackson’s Official Site to order the new album as well for the newest information on future releases and live shows!

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Checking Out Tito Jackson's Newest Single "Love One Another"

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  1. renee

    Very inspirational lyrics and beautiful music! Thanks for sharing

  2. Great song! I will definitely check this out and download the song! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Dominique

    I feel very confused — I honestly did not know Tito was releasing any music at all! I like the song, and it’s different than I would have expected from him — a different genre. I have been missing out!

  4. Eric Gamble

    Wow that is some awesome funk! I am not going to lie, I only know Tito by name and his participation in the Jackson 5 but I never really listened to any of his music before. But I love this funky beat in Love One Another. I could easily see Prince laying this track out in his typical Bluesy, Funky Pop. So I love this. How cool that he partnered with Joe Bonamassa, Bobby Rush, & Stevie Wonder. That is pretty amazing by itself.


    Oh wow, how exciting. I do love blues music. Can’t wait to get the album.

  6. Fransic Verso

    AWesome song, I like that you are going for very famous singers now and expand. The lyrics are great as well!

  7. Jasmine Martin

    This sounds like such an upbeat song. I definitely think that this is something my mom would like. I’ll send it over to her.

  8. Ivan M. Jose

    I love the melody and the sound of the instruments but what is so striking about this song is the lyrics. I love the message behind the words.

  9. Jenjen Balatico

    Sounded like a chill and relax song for this afternoon

  10. Kncyx Journeying

    Nice melody and lyrics and it’s very inspirational too! Thanks for introducing this to us as I have never heard of this before, great song! – Knycx Journeying

  11. Aditi

    I loved the song and have sent the link to my son too. I am sure he will enjoy it even more..

  12. Cynthia Nicoletti

    I never listened to his music other than older songs with the Jacksons. Nice song I really enjoyed it.

  13. Kenneth

    Nice song, thanks for sharing! The Jacksons really have great music in them

  14. Alita

    What I love about his newest single is the message. It’s truly uplifting and inspirational

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