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Get Ready For a Real Good Time With TLC’s “Get It Up”

Happy #SongLyricsSunday! Today’s prompt is spicy as it is about finding songs where somebody is having sex or talking about it. My first thought was that I can find anything done by Prince to could easily fulfill this prompt. The Minneapolis artist was THE songwriter of suggestive lyrics, especially in the late 70s and then throughout the 80s. I actually thought about featuring the Prince-penned song “Nasty Girl” by Vanity Six first. But, then I remembered one song from one of my favorite 90s R&B girl groups TLC. The song was another song penned by Prince called “Get It Up”. Let’s take a look at it below.

Get Ready For a Real Good Time

TLC's "Get It Up"

TLC released their version of “Get It Up” in 1993 for the Poetic Justice soundtrack. (The movie Janet Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Regina King, Joe Torry, and Maya Angelou). It is actually a cover of the same-titled song by the Prince-associated musical group The Time. They released the original in 1981 as a single and as a track on their debut self-titled album.

Prince wrote the music, lyrics, and arranged the song. For the original, he recorded it in his home studio. Then later added vocalist Morris Day’s vocals later on. You can hear Prince throughout the 1981 version, either on backing or as main vocals. But, his vocals are absent in the TLC version. Fun fact is that the Revolution keyboardist Doctor Fink appears in the song uncredited in the original version with his synth solos. (The Revolution was Prince’s own backing band.)

TLC’s version was remixed by Vincent Herbert. Herbert has been working with music with acts such as Toni Braxton, Babyface, Aaliyah, Lady Gaga, Deborah Cox, Destiny’s Child, and JoJo.

There are actually two versions of the music video. According to the TLC fansite TLC Army, there was an original version that was shot inside a movie theater in Atlanta, the hometown of the girl group. Left Eye‘s sister Reigndrop Lopes also appears in that version. However, the executives at LaFace Records didn’t like the music video very much as they felt it wasn’t a strong enough promotion. So, the musical trio went to Los Angeles to shoot another version, which became the official music video.

Although “Get It Up” features some spicy lyrics, I always loved TLC’s version. Their version features the flavors that embody the group: sexy, cool, and crazy. You can hear in the vocal lines with T-Boz’s low voice, Left Eye’s raps, and Chilli’s cool vocals. Yet, the three always had lots of fun in what they did. You can see it in the music video below with their hot dance moves and their crazy antics. I just love TLC’s “Get It Up”!

How about you? What do you like about “Get It Up”? Listen to “Get It Up” below and let me know what you think!

And if you are like me who likes remixes featured on 12 inch singles or maxi CDs, you can enjoy about every remix of “Get It Up” here:

Here is the original version by The Time:

The Lyrics For TLC’s “Get It Up”

Hey ha ha
There it goes
Cuz we’s abouts to flow
There it is
For the fellas
There it is
That’s it
That’s right
There it is
For the fellas
Comin’ back on the sexy tip
Ya know what I’m sayin’
(But no more dresses for y’all)
(No more dresses, my brother brother)

Get it up
Get it up
TLC is back on the mic
Ya know
Ha ha
Get it up
Woo wee

Get it up
Get ready for a real good time
I’m gonna try to blow your mind
Can’t you see
You and me
It sounds so nasty
Get it up
Let your thang hang down
We could fool around
Don’t you know
I want you so (yeah)
Make me happy (oh)

Get it up
Get get get get get
Get it up

Get it up (yeah)
There is nothing wrong
With freakin’ all night long
Me and you
We’re in a groove
It feels good doin’ it
Get it up
Leave your cares behind (just leave your cares behind)
Let me try to find
Find a spot (a spot)
That gets you hot (ha ha)
Let me do you

Get it up
Get get get get get
Get it up

One time huh (ha ha ha)
Woo there it is (uh)
There it is
Y’all know what it’s like
Y’all know what I’m talkin’ about (ahh)
I know y’all done did that nasty

And the Left is thinkin’ about it
Just to think about it
Leaves an ease in tension
Easin’ the tension loosen up enough to clenchin’
Whatever’s mentioned (Mentioned)
Not to mention what I hand you wit’ in question
And a question at hand (There it is)
Are you ready to make me feel the definition of a man (Man?)
Man is it hot or is it me (Woah-ohhh-ohh)

Me I guess cause when it comes to feelin’ free
You free villains on civility my sexuality
A formality of reality
So don’t touch me in the morning and walk away (walk away)
As I commence to yawnin’ commence to stay (come on)
Stay up for the rest of the day (day)
Just enough for my tongue to play (play)
Play me back, back and forth (hey)
Like a kiss (come on)
As it goes a little somethin’ like this

(Uh oh oh, oh oh)
You make me wanna sing
(Uh uh oh oh)
(Uh oh oh)
(Oh oh)
Get me get me up, yeah, hey yeah

(Uh uh oh oh)
(Oh oh)
I wanna love you baby
Wanna love you baby
I wanna love you baby
Wanna love you baby
Get it up
Get it up

I’ll freak you all night
Get it up
Get it up
I’ll freak you all night
Get it up
Get it up
I’ll freak you all night
Get it up
Get it up
I’ll freak you all night

But no mo dresses for y’all
No mo dresses my brother
You got to get down if you wanna be our baby baby baby
That’s what I’m talkin’ about
Know what I’m sayin’
Baby baby baby
They got to be some fish out the ocean

The Rules for #SongLyricsSunday

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Get Ready For a Real Good Time With TLC's "Get It Up"

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  1. Janis

    I love TLC but this is new to me.
    I am one of those people who skip tracks all the time… glad I was able to listen to this <3

  2. Stephanie

    Oh my gosh. I heard this before but never paid close attention to the lyrics. I had no idea what they were singing about!!

  3. Melanie

    I loved tlc! Brings back so many memories!

  4. kidneyfornikki

    You are all in my wheelhouse. Big Prince fan here! I had forgotten that TLC had remade Get It Up. While I enjoy their version, I still love the original one — mainly because I can hear Prince’s background vocals and it reminds me of high school!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane today!

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