You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Explore the Atmospheric Soundscape of TOINE’s “I Can’t Take It Back”

The Daily Feature: Explore the Atmospheric Soundscape of TOINE’s “I Can’t Take It Back”

Today’s Daily Feature is “I Can’t Take It Back” by Dutch singer-songwriter and guitarist TOINE. The artist had this to say about the song: “In this song, I sing about running into the love of your life, but realizing you’re not ready for a serious relationship yet because of other priorities. Which in the end you regret, seeing yourself trying to repair the damage hopelessly.”

“I Can’t Take It Back” is a delicious balance of pop, funk, and jazz. Listeners can hear each element in different parts: funk in the bass and guitar, pop in the vocals, and jazz in the melody. Catchy melodies are all over this tune as they sang with smooth vocals. The upbeat tempo is filled with positivity as the beat is infectious. Listeners shouldn’t miss out on the atmospheric soundscape as it is rich and expansive to create a lush masterpiece.

Make sure to check out “I Can’t Take It Back” down below! Let me know what you think!

About the Artist: TOINE

Guitarist & vocalist TOINE, based in The Hague, The Netherlands, is a self-made musician. His atmospheric soundscape and rhythmical songs have led him to perform for many years now at venues and events inside and outside of The Netherlands. !In addition!, TOINE is delighted to announce that between July and November 2020 he will be releasing his first 5 tracks.

TOINE’s passion and deep-rooted curiosity for magnetizing melodies resulted in the unique and mesmerizing sound he can now call his own, allowing him to move his audience every time he’s on stage. “I seek to be pure and authentic in light to touch peoples’ lives, to inspire and to comfort them.”

With his smooth voice and his tight guitar skills, TOINEs music combines a magical pop sound with subtle jazz and funk influences.

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