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Tokyo and Rose’s “Troublemaker”: A Synth-Heavy, Bass-Driven Track About This Key Aspect of Our Lives

I’m back with another new track! This time it is from the UK rock band Tokyo and Rose and their synth-heavy, bass-driven track “Troublemaker”. I recently had the opportunity to review this track and I love it! As a woman who loves hard rock tunes like this, I was hooked at the moment I heard the opening riffs. But why?

Also, this electrifying yet satisfying tune features something that is a key aspect of our lives? What is it? Continue to read on!

Be sure to check out the band’s newest tune down below and let me know what you think!

But now, You’re A Troublemaker

Tokyo and Rose

When talking about the tune’s lyrics, the band had this to say: “The lyrics are about fitting into a new social environment while also trying to maintain relationships from the past.”. Hey, I had experienced this before! It has been a long time since I have but I remember trying to out a new social circle (and a new personality) after my boyfriend broke up with me! Some actions that I did were wise and some weren’t. How about you, have you ever experienced anything similar?

Besides the lyrics, what makes “Troublemaker” a great listen is the musicality. The band explains that “Troublemaker” is “a synth-heavy, bass-driven track with crunchy guitar lines and melodic vocals that combine together to form an ultra-modern rock banger.” These four elements (synth-heavy, bass-driven, crunchy guitar, and melodic vocals) makes the song a great listen. I’m hooked as soon as the bass comes in with that heavy, rhythmic solo. The crunchy guitar adds flare, especially in the beginning with that melody! And those vocals are a perfect fit with the synth-heavy, bass-driven melody as it isn’t too heavy or light, but the right kind of tone for this heavy rock tune.

My Final Thoughts

Tokyo and Rose

“Troublemaker” by Tokyo and Rose is such an electrifying tune that listeners will sure to like but also to relate with. With its lyrics about trying to fit into a new social circle while holding onto past relationships, it an aspect that we all experienced in our lives before. And with the song’s musicality: a synth-heavy, bass-driven track with that amazing guitar melody and vocals that fit the song just right.

Believe or not, I’m a girl who is in love with heavy rock tunes like “Troublemaker”. I was hooked when I first listened to the song! I can’t wait to hear more from Tokyo and Rose as this band from the UK has noteworthy melodies and tremendous rock talent!

Listen to “Troublemaker” below and let me know what you think about the song in the comments!

About The Band: Tokyo and Rose

Tokyo and Rose

Tokyo and Rose comprises of Jamie Fabian-Hunt (Vocals and Bass), Mahnoor Pirzada (Guitar), and Pitt Vitheethum (Drums). The three band members met at university in London. While Jamie (vocals/bass) is British, guitarist Mahnoor and drummer Pitt are Pakistani and Thai respectively. They moved to London, a city with one of the best music scenes in the world, to fulfill their dreams of creating music in a way they wouldn’t have been able to in their home countries.

After forming Tokyo and Rose in late 2017, the band set about focusing their similar-yet-diverse musical tastes which allowed them to spread their wings creatively. Their original, electrifying music is embodied by not only their latest single “Troublemaker”, but also their other nine songs that will make up their debut album, which is to be released in late 2020.

The band’s main influences are bands like Muse, Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, and Royal Blood.

Make sure to check out Tokyo and Rose on these sites:

Official Site | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Youtube | Soundcloud

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