Japanese artist TOKYO MARRY Goes Back to the Basics in Latest Album

The last time I talked about the Japanese rock singer-songwriter TOKYO MARRY was at the beginning of May this year when he released the single single “KAWAII YES”. He is back, this time with an album entitled The Royal Heavenly Girl or Heavenly. But, between the release of “KAWAII YES” and this new EP, something about TOKYO MARRY’s music changed. What was it? Continue to read to find out!

Make sure to listen to The Royal heavenly Girl or Heavenly and let me know what you think about the album in the comments.

The Royal Heavenly Girl or Heavenly: An Album Where I Can Be Me


TOKYO MARRY’s latest album The Royal Heavenly Girl or Heavenly is a 13-track album. The artist explained to me that this album has two concepts:

The album has roughly two concepts. First, it is a story of a girl named Heavenly living in the Royal House. So romantic and very lovely, almost like a Shoujo Manga [series].

Secondary, I decided to make the songs that I really wanted to listen to. I noticed that I had always made songs that listeners want to listen to. But, I wanted to bring richness to the album. I really want to make an album that I want to release.


Even though he was stuck recording his apartment during the lockdowns, TOKYO MARRY was happy: happy that he was able to write songs that he wanted to make and listen to. It was a challenge though. When starting to compose songs for The Royal Heavenly Girl or Heavenly, TOKYO MARRY was nervous: what would his listeners think, will they like it? He was still stuck in the mindset that he had to please his listeners, not for himself.

However, as the Japanese musician went further on his songwriting journey for the album, he became at ease while writing as the tension melted away. he wasn’t worried about his listeners anymore, he was free to write what he wanted as he shifted his mindset to himself. When the album was completed, TOKYO MARRY was super happy as he felt free and proud of his work.