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Japanese artist TOKYO MARRY Goes Back to the Basics in Latest Album

The Royal Heavenly Girl or Heavenly by TOKYO AMRRY cover art

The last time I talked about the Japanese rock singer-songwriter TOKYO MARRY was at the beginning of May this year when he released the single single “KAWAII YES”. He is back, this time with an album entitled The Royal Heavenly Girl or Heavenly. But, between the release of “KAWAII YES” and this new EP, something about TOKYO MARRY’s music changed. What was it? Continue to read to find out!

Make sure to listen to The Royal heavenly Girl or Heavenly and let me know what you think about the album in the comments.

The Royal Heavenly Girl or Heavenly: An Album Where I Can Be Me

TOKYO MARRY’s latest album The Royal Heavenly Girl or Heavenly is a 13-track album. The artist explained to me that this album has two concepts:

The album has roughly two concepts. First, it is a story of a girl named Heavenly living in the Royal House. So romantic and very lovely, almost like a Shoujo Manga [series].

Secondary, I decided to make the songs that I really wanted to listen to. I noticed that I had always made songs that listeners want to listen to. But, I wanted to bring richness to the album. I really want to make an album that I want to release.


Even though he was stuck recording his apartment during the lockdowns, TOKYO MARRY was happy: happy that he was able to write songs that he wanted to make and listen to. It was a challenge though. When starting to compose songs for The Royal Heavenly Girl or Heavenly, TOKYO MARRY was nervous: what would his listeners think, will they like it? He was still stuck in the mindset that he had to please his listeners, not for himself.

However, as the Japanese musician went further on his songwriting journey for the album, he became at ease while writing as the tension melted away. he wasn’t worried about his listeners anymore, he was free to write what he wanted as he shifted his mindset to himself. When the album was completed, TOKYO MARRY was super happy as he felt free and proud of his work.

A Common Sound

The Royal Heavenly Girl or Heavenly features songs that are still true to TOKYO MARRY’s roots and preferences of alternative rock, folk, and Shibuya Kei. Though each track has its own different personality, there is a common mood among them: calm, laid-back, and features interesting melodies. Each track features a different side of TOKYO MARRY’s talents at songwriting and performing.

My favorite tracks from the album are “The Royal Butterfly Girl”, “Pure Ending of the World”, “Botan-Yuki Hai”, and “Sakura Dress”. With “Pure Ending of the World”, I love how TOKYO MARRY slides from low to high notes during the chorus and the interesting melodies from the guitar and chorus section. I really love the funky introduction in “The Royal Butterfly Girl” as well as the lovely chorus melody. It is really pretty. “Botan-Yuki Hai” features a really interesting vocal track with split vocals and melodies. I also love that even it is a basic acoustic track with just a guitar and vocals, it really beautiful and pure with a variety of vocals.

The last track I like off the new album is “Sakura Dress”. It is an interesting track that features Philichordia from the United States and Kuchi, both are lo-fi artists. This track features something a little different then the rest of the tracks: a rap section and a funky, more “cool” melody (especially with the guitars playing in a bluesy way). I really enjoy the rap section and the introduction as it is something different, but I truly love the chorus as the melody found in the vocals is really ear-pleasing.

What was TOKYO MARRY’s favorite track off the album? It is “Strawberry Waterproof”. He explained why:

When I wrote this song, I overcame a big hurdle, but I wish I could return to 20 years old. When I was 20 years old, I really didn’t care about what my listeners thought. So, that is why I like “Strawberry Waterproof”.


Final Thoughts

TOKYO MARRY’s latest album The Royal Heavenly Girl or Heavenly is a must-listen as it displays the many sides of the artist’s talent in songwriting and singing. True to TOKYO MARRY’s roots and preferences of alternative rock, folk, and Shibuya Kei. this album is a true vision of the Japanese artist’s artistry as it is music that he always wanted to write for himself. An album that encompasses his total creative vision, The Royal Heavenly Girl or Heavenly is a pleasant listen with its calm, laid-back, rockish, and features interesting melodies.

Listen to The Royal heavenly Girl or Heavenly down below. What do you think? What was your favorite track? Let me know in the comments below!


Tokyo Marry is a Japanese musician who grew up in Hiroshima Prefecture in Southern Japan. When he was younger, he would listen to Japanese musicians a lot. However, when he got to high school, his musical taste buds shifted as he was more into other countries’ bands and artists like Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Junior, Steely Dan, and Prince.

For his artistry, TOKYO MARRY talked about how the music of his youth had helped to set up the future of his musical career. For him, Jpop and Jrock were the foundation for his music, while Alt Rock, Grunge, and Shibuya Kei gave him the wings to fly. They gave him more opportunities, new sounds, and more freedom to make the music he always wanted to make.

Western music has further my artistry. It has deepened my taste buds towards music


As for the artist’s name, there are two reasons why the artist chose the name TOKYO MARRY. One reason was that it was easy to pronounce in English and Japanese. MARRY sounds like the name `Marie`, which Japanese people love. But also, TOKYO MARRY chose his name because he felt like he was “married” to Tokyo. Since he was a young boy, TOKYO MARRY dreamt of moving to Tokyo: a city full of opportunities, experiences, fun, and life. Once he got there, he fell in love with Tokyo and thus got “married” to it. He continues to enjoy living in Tokyo.

Finally, TOKYO MARRY had this to say when asked the question “What do you want people to listen to in your music?”:

I would like many people from all over the world to listen to my music. For example, American people don’t listen to music from different countries, I would like a foreign country people to listen to foreign country music. Listen to music from around the world in various languages.

For my songs, I want people to listen to them to hear the beauty of the Japanese language.


You can check out more about TOKYO MARRY and his latest releases/lives at the following:

Official Website | Spotify | Instagram | SoundCloud

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