You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Exploring Tokyo Rat’s Single “Summer”

The Daily Feature: Exploring Tokyo Rat’s Single “Summer”

Today’s song is “Summer” by Canadian Synthwave/Electronic musician Tokyo Rat. A chillwave ballad, “Summer” may feature no words, but don’t ignore this futuristic-sounding instrumental as it is a pleasant tune. It primarily features a solid, mellow melody played by high-pitched synthesizers. I really enjoy well-crafted electronic instrumental songs as well albums like the ones produced by Tokyo Rat because they have their own beauty (and I just love this genre too) with each note and tone. With “Summer”, the beauty is in its solid, mellow melody. Check it out today!

Make sure to check out “Summer” and Edge of Tokyo down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

Also check out his first album Edge of Tokyo:

About the Artist: Tokyo Rat

Tokyo Rat

Tokyo Rat is a producer, musician from Vancouver, Canada. His first album release gaining exclusive releases and attention with Apple Music’s official “Sinister Sounds” playlist,, The 80s Guy, Audiodrums, French music blog Novorama, and many more. Synthwave fans easily gravitated towards the artist. The rat found over 5,000 unique listeners and over 20,000 streams across the album in its first month. 

Actor/filmmaker Harrison Houde (born in the year of the rat, 1996) grew up playing piano, drums, and electronic synths. Falling in love with and creating a synthwave genre persona/album was a no-brainer. Garnering more synthesizers, and perfecting the Tokyo Rat sound all came together after a recent trip to Tokyo, Japan before the COVID19 pandemic hit. 

Check out Tokyo Rat at the following sites:

Instagram | Facebook | Spotify | Soundcloud | Youtube | Bandcamp | Apple Music

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The Daily Feature: Exploring Tokyo Rat's Single "Summer"

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