American Alt-Rock Band Tough On Fridays Reimagines “Lush”

American Alternative Rock band Tough On Fridays is back with their reimagined version of their 2017 song “Lush”. The track features the harmonious vocals of lead singer Carly that soars musically. It also features elements of alt-rock, indie rock, and grunge that are mixed together to create the band’s in-your-face style of rock ‘n roll. And the result is infectious with robust instrumentation of blazing guitar riffs and strong drum beats. The song also features an addictive journey of huge rock sounds in the dazzling soundscape.

Tough On Fridays is a band that will not leave you disappointed, especially with their newest version of “Lush”. This reimagined version has contagious melodies, addictive soundscapes, and huge energy that leave listeners wanting more.

Make sure to listen to “Lush (Reimagined)” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

About the Artist: Tough On Fridays

TOUGH ON FRIDAYS are the Texan-based grunge-alt-rockers with an enviable ability to artfully smash together alt-rock, indie, and grunge into their own brand of infectious, in-your-face style of rock ‘n’ roll.

Well-seasoned performers throughout the Texas music circuit, TOUGH ON FRIDAYS have come to be known for their enthusiastic live shows and reputation for captivating fans with their consistent delivery of great music. With Caleigh on guitar/vocals, Carly on bass/vocals, and studio/touring drummer Chris Schreck, the trio has connected to create magnetic energy
that the music scene has not seen in many years. This energy combined with their fresh sound leads TOUGH ON FRIDAYS to really stand out among the crowd.

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