You are currently viewing Trophy Husband’s “Super Salad”: A Perfect Blend of Funk and Metal

Trophy Husband’s “Super Salad”: A Perfect Blend of Funk and Metal

Enjoy this palatable blend of funk and metal with the American progressive rock/funk group Trophy Husband. The group loves to experiment by blending musical genres together to create something worthwhile. And you can find that in their newest track “Super Salad”. They did an amazing job featuring the electric guitar going all out but mixing well with the horn section. You can hear at the 1;34 mark that the song goes full-out metal with that angst bass line. But on top of that is horns and an agile saxophone that plays around the soundscape.

“Super Salad” is something to listen for as it features an intriguing blend of two unlikely genres that create a fantastic soundscape together. What do you think of this track? Listen to it down below and tell me in the comments!

About the Artist: Trophy Husband

Trophy Husband

Trophy Husband is a fresh face to the live music scene in Boston. Composed of Donny DeFala (guitar), Max Kozol (bass), Ben Heck (drums), Dan “Chef” Zahal (Tenor Sax/Chapman Stick), and Ben Jordan (Bari/Tenor Sax) — classifying themselves as a new branch of music called Progressive Funk. Trophy Husband takes inspiration from a wide range of musical groups ranging from Heavy Progressive Rock (Animals As Leaders, Plini, Tha You Scientist) to Funk (Tower of Power, Chicago, Ghost-Note).

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Trophy Husband's "Super Salad": A Perfect Blend of Funk and Metal

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  1. Knycx Journeying

    Love the beat sounds and I think the guitar and keyboard stood out form the song and thanks a lot for sharing this! Didn’t know about this band before!

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