You are currently viewing Two Recent Releases from Nathaniel Paul That Will Wow Listeners

Two Recent Releases from Nathaniel Paul That Will Wow Listeners

American indie rock/indie-pop artist Nathaniel Paul from the Brooklyn-based The Bergamot released a new EP a couple of weeks ago. This EP features two songs entitled “songbird” and “The Phone”. Let’s talk about both of the songs in little more detail. Find out why you have to listen to this EP. And why I choose “songbird” and “The Phone” specifically. Also, make sure to listen to the songs as well as the EP down below, and let me know what you think in the comments!

“songbird” by Nathaniel Paul

“songbird” is a slow-burning rock tempo. It features a mellow guitar melody that is sung over with comforting vocals with their peaceful yet smooth tones. It is a perfect song for the summer evenings with its mid-tempo beats and relaxing tunes! It is such a bautiful listen and so very mellow!

“The Phone” by Nathaniel Paul

I have struggled with depression all throughout the pandemic. It’s been a really difficult year. This song is about starting your day the wrong way

Nathanial Paul about the tune

“The Phone” is also a relaxing, mellow tune that features Paul’s comforting vocals and dulcet melodies. This song has more of an upbeat tempo than “songbird”, especially in the guitar and drum beats. There is a lot more electronic guitars in this, especially during the bridge, as it offers so sort of balance with its different tones from the smooth vocals. It is a really great song with the electrifying guitar, the cool synthesizers, and Paul’s smooth vocals.

Learning to Listen: The New EP

“Let’s practice empathy. Let’s rehearse forgiveness. Let’s exercise acceptance. Let’s normalize patience. Let’s seek unity. Let’s strive for integrity. Let’s give service. Let’s try respect. Let’s have faith. Let’s cry freedom. Let’s be friendly. Let’s hope for wisdom. Let’s put on gratitude. Let’s prepare for cleanliness. Let’s instill self-discipline. Let’s shout faith. Let’s emote enthusiasm. Let’s consider truthfulness. Let’s sing harmoniously. Let’s trust. Let’s be VIRTUOUS.”

Nathanial Paul

Check out Paul’s newest EP here:

Which tracks are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

You can check out Nathaniel Paul at the following sites:

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Two Recent Releases from Nathaniel Paul That Will Wow Listeners

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