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UK band 100 Fables Makes a Comeback With “Roadside”

2020 has brought a lot of change to our lives. For one band, change brought on a new sound and new direction as the members shed their past to make a better future. The band? 100 Fables from the UK.

Recently, I spoke with the lead singer for the band Lyndsey Liora over WhatsApp to talk about the new sound for the band as well their new single “Roadside”. Check the single below or on Spotify. Let me know what you think about the song in the comments below!

What Does It Mean to Start Anew?

100 Fables

Recently on the Facebook page, the band announced that were going to pull their past songs off streaming services. Lyndsey Liora explained to me during the interview the reasoning was that the songs didn’t fit the new 100 Fables. Instead, they were going to feature songs that were about their new sound with “Roadside” being the first.

What was different about the band now than before? Liora told me that at first, the band’s sound was mostly pop. Then, they switched to new wave, which Liora mentioned that she had a hard time writing songs in that genre. However, when a key member left the band last year, the rest of the band members decided that it was time to start anew and release songs in the EDM genre. Liora said that she felt more natural when it came to writing songs with an EDM vibe.

In a recent press release for the band’s new single, Liora explained what was different about the band:

“When we sat down to regroup we all wrote down what record we wanted to make and they all weirdly yet naturally lined up. We had The Chainsmokers, Twenty One Pilots, Lizzo, PVRIS, Halsey, P!ATD and all sorts in there with the common theme screaming out that we wanted to be pop with an EDM spin while still keeping our individual talents predominant and celebrated: Logan’s drumming, Cam’s guitar, and my vocals.”

Starting Anew: “Roadside”

“Roadside is about my recent break up with my partner of 7 years. Last summer I just woke up and realised a lot of my friends and family were right. I was really unhappy and had lost myself trying to please someone else. This song is a celebration for me. Of my own strength and finding love for myself.

Lyndsey Liora

“Roadside” is a catchy tune with a summer-like pop vibe with a deep story embedded within its lyrics. But, don’t be fooled by its bright vibe as the more you listen to the song, the more you feel a connection to the song and see the dark/edgy side. The side of a relationship that you want to get out off, before physically and emotionally, as you want to be set free from those chains.

Besides the lyrics, the vibe of “Roadside” is summer-like: light, bouncy, and breezy. The melody is capativing that will pull the listener right into until the very end. With its catchy melody and chilled vibe, “Roadside” is a perfect beginning for 100 Fables and their new musical direction. This new 100 Fables has so much potential and talent that their future releases is a must-listen for sure.

What do you think of “Roadside”? Make sure to listen below and let me know in the comments!

About the Band: 100 Fables

100 Fables

After going through upheaval both personal and personnel-related, 100 Fables leader, front-woman, and all-round force of nature Lyndsey Liora has brought her band back to where they started, but at the same time ready to explore uncharted waters.

Alongside drummer Logan Whyte and guitarist Cameron Wilson, Liora has taken firm control of the reins of 100 Fables, refocusing the group’s unique
spin on anthemic pop music, moving away from their ‘80s-inspired sound and bringing it crashing firmly into the 21st century. There’s even an as-yet-unnamed DJ being added to the mix. Make no mistake, the names and faces might be familiar, but this a whole new 100 Fables.

Think Chainsmokers, Twenty One Pilots, Lizzo, PVRIS, Halsey, and P!ATD and you’re getting close to where Fables are coming from these days. It’s still pop, it still packs a punch, but it’s moved on. Just like the band have after recent trials and tribulations, so has the sound of 100 Fables. It’s euphoric, it’s defiant, it’s standing on its own two feet and making everyone else’s jump. It’s the sound of rebirth and it’s never sounded so life-affirming.

Be sure to make sure to check out 100 Fables at the following sites:

Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Youtube

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UK band 100 Fables Makes a Comeback With "Roadside"

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