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Highlighting the Recent Releases of UK Post-Punk Band Pseudo Cool

UK Post-Punk Band Pseudo Cool is on a roll! The band has already released 4 singles and only formed this year! This energetic band released “Modern Man”, “Wrong”, “I’d Like to Watch”, and “For the Both of Us”. But, are all four songs the same? Or are different? Continue reading to find out!

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Pseudo Cool’s “Modern Man”: The Song About Our Daily Lives

“Modern Man” is a satirical critique of 21st-century masculinity in a burst of raw punk rock energy, or if you’re a man, possibly a celebration of it! The single was born from a simple question, ‘what’s for dinner?’ and quickly developed into a song about the frustrations and fascinations of a modern-day relationship. 

Featured on the Adam Walton show via BBC Introducing and he said ‘I felt both uncomfortable and thrilled. That’s exactly what I’m looking for!’

About the Single

The first single that Pseudo Cool released this year was “Modern Man”. It is a punchy post-punk tune with brash female vocals. The female vocals remind me of the punk rock phrase of one of my favorite 80s UK female bands We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use It: melodic, brash, edgy, punchy, and nasal. You might think: why did you say that the vocals in “Modern Man” are melodic? Punk rock vocals AREN’T melodic, they are far from this. But, check out the vocals during the chorus with the lines like “I’m coming down here”. There is some sense of “melodic” in there, right?

The highlight of the song is the vocals as they are what I would envision in a female punk rock vocal: melodic, brash, punchy, and nasal. But, the way how the vocalist sings is really interesting as it styled like singing like talking. It is really interesting to hear how the artist employs tonal accents at certain like “going to wash my own clothes”.

Of course, the lyrics themselves are something you have to listen to. They highlight the normalcy of our daily lives: from doing the chores to picking out what to eat. I think we could all relate to the lyrics of “Modern Man”.

Check out the song below. What can you relate to with this tune?

The Second Single: “Wrong”

“Wrong” is the band’s second single. It is a bit different than their first one as it doesn’t feature the edginess of “Modern Man”. It is a bit more melodic as the singer sings more in a melodic style than in the “singing like talking” style. Also too, the instrumentation, especially the guitar, has more of a role in the song as they play more melodic lines. Also, the punchiness of the song is primarily played on the drums, especially during the chorus.

Speaking of the chorus, it is my favorite part! It might have to do with the punchiness of the drums, playing each down beat of the song fiercely. Or, perhaps the way the vocals are styled in that part is so mesmerizing. How about you: what do you like most about “Wrong”?

The Next Single: “I’d Like to Watch”

“I’d Like to Watch” is the next single. It is more of a hard rock song that the punk rock based “Modern Man”, but this third single is a must-listen. The best part? The chorus! Love that guitar!

Newest Single: “For the Both of Us”

Released this weekend is the band’s newest single “For the Both of Us”. A song that incorporates the 90s/00s punk rock sounds, the band employs something different this time: using male vocals. If you like Green Day, Sum 41, and Foo Fighters, then “For the Both of Us” is the song for you!

About the Artist: Pseudo Cool

Pseudo Cool

Pseudo Cool is an Alt/Indie/Punk band based in Maesteg, South Wales. The music is witty, punchy, and raw with influences from The Clash, Lily Allen and Fontaines D.C. The band was formed in 2019 and started creating original material during Lockdown 2020 which is all Produced and Mixed by Cody Reynolds-Shaw of Trenova Sound.

Siblings Cathy and Lloyd Bastian play bass and guitar respectively and are both vocalists. Dylan Howells plays Lead Guitar and Shay Bevan plays drums. Guitarist and Singer Lloyd Bastian has also recently been featured on BBC Introducing in two collaboration singles with Ci Gofod called TV Screens and Dyfodol

Pseudo Cool plans to release five singles by the end of 2020.

Make sure to check out Pseudo Cool at the following sites:

Facebook | Spotify | Soundcloud | Youtube | Instagram

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Highlighting the Recent Releases of UK Post-Punk Band Pseudo Cool

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