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Valdii Is Back With “3 Years (Casino Stereo Remix)”

Canadian pop singer-songwriter Valdii is back with a new single! This time is it a remix single entitled “3 Years (Casino Stereo Remix)”. He worked with British artist Casino Stereo for this single in a unique way. Find out how they wrote and produce the single together as well as what is the special story behind the song. Don’t forget to check out the remix below and tell me what you think!

Who is Valdii?


If you didn’t check out my previous blog post about this artist or this is your first time hearing the name, this is who Valdii is:

Valdii is well known for his previous work as the lead singer in the band Eleven Past One. The band found success in 2013 with their breakout gold-selling single “The World Is Ours,” reaching over 1 million views on YouTube and being the Top 15 Radio hit in Canada. As part of Eleven Past One, Valdii has shared the stage with amazing artists including Down with Webster, Cody Simpson, Tyler Shaw, and Danny Fernandes. After sharing success with Eleven Past One, Valdii is making his solo debut and continuing to work with top producers, writers, and artists to showcase his talent.

Make sure to check out Valdii at the following sites:

Official Site | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify

Remixing A Song: “3 Years (Casino Stereo Remix)”

Valdii teamed up with British artist Casino Stereo to release a remix of his single “3 Years”. The reason why the Canadian artist wanted to remix the single as he felt that he hasn’t released anything super upbeat lately. Also, he never released a remix single before. He wanted to try it out!

As Valdii couldn’t write or produce music since Canada went back to a lockdown recently, the Canadian singer-songwriter worked with Casino Stereo over Zoom. The British artist reached out to Valdii via email and Valdii was super excited to work with him. “I loved it and it was fun. We had a great time,” the Canadian singer-songwriter said about his overall experience with Casion Stereo, “I actually co-wrote a(nother) song with him. We wrote it together on Zoom and I recorded the vocals on Zoom too. When that happens, you know we got along pretty well.”

The Canadian singer-songwriter had this to say about the production of the remix: “All I did was send him the stems of the tracks: all the vocals and everything that was involved with the track. And, he just played around and produced it in a different way. I didn’t have to go in and record something new.” Valdii said overall that he was extremely happy with the remix and that recording it over Zoom was a smooth process.

By the way, the original “3 Years” was co-written by Damon Sharpe. He has written and produced songs by artists like Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Kylie Minogue, Anastacia, Monica, NKOTB, Nelly, Amerie, 98 Degrees, Natalie Cole, SHINee, and BoA, Valdii flew to Los Angeles to work with this talented producer. .

Behind the Meaning

The song itself has a special meaning to the Canadian artist. “It is a period of time when my now-wife, but back when she wasn’t my wife,” Valdii explained about the song’s background, “and we weren’t dating at the time. But, it is about the period of time when she disowned me. Her boyfriend at the time didn’t want her to talk to me, to be in contact with me, or anything. She was forced to do that. I guess he was jealous since my wife and I knew each other since we were 6 years old. So, the song is about those three years that I couldn’t talk to her.”

This story has a happy ending, the artist told me, as his now-wife broke up with that boyfriend. And, she reached out to him and said she was really sorry for those three years. He forgave her. And since then, they have been a happy couple as the two got married and now have their own family.

He hopes that the listeners will listen for the lyrics and enjoy the story about a snippet of his life.

Check out “3 Years (Casino Stereo Remix)” by Valdii with Casino Stereo and let me know what you think in the comments below! Can you feel the 80s vibes?

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Valdii Is Back With "3 Years (Casino Stereo Remix)"

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