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Finding Both Sides of Life in Via Barcelonia’s Newest Album ‘Wonderland’

I’m back with another interview, this time with the Canadian pop duo Via Barcelonia. The duo talked about their artist, their musical experiences, and the release of their newest album Wonderland. Why does this album represent both sides of life? And, what does Via Barcelonia want listeners to listen for? Continue to read to find out!

Make sure to check out Via Barcelonia’s newest album via the Spotify down below and let me know what is your favorite track in the comments!

Please introduce yourselves! 

We’re Via Barcelonia… made up of Andrew Allen and Taylor McKnight 

What are your musical influences? What artists or musical genres inspire you?

It’s super fun being in a collaborative duo because we both have different and varied influences that leave their mark on us, and therefore our music. It ranges from The 1975 to John Mayer and Paul Simon to Lauv and the Chainsmokers. If it’s got something cool in it, we love digging in! 

Via Barcelonia has been to many festivals and has worked with various producers and songwriters. Do you have a favorite memory of being at a certain festival or working with a certain producer or songwriter? 

Our fave festival was for sure West Vancouver’s Harmony Arts Festival. The sun was setting, the air was warm and everyone was up dancing and just living in the moment. It felt great! Writing our song “Wonderland” with Tat Tong was definitely a highlight as we stretched outside the box and went for something unique. The whole experience was great and afterward, we got tacos. So it was perfect. 

Let’s talk about your newest album Wonderland. How was it creating this album? Did you record this album during the pandemic? If so, how did that go?

It’s always exciting creating something from nothing, but this time we really had a vision for where we wanted this album to go. We wanted to be more refined and more intentional about every sound, and every lyric. Super fun creating it, and a ton of work, but we’re really proud of what came out.

We did a lot of the finishing touches through the \pandemic, but thankfully because Taylor goes to school on the East Coast of Canada and I live in the West, we’re actually pretty comfortable sending files/mix notes/recordings, etc: back and forth. The biggest challenge was when we were in the same city and we couldn’t see each other to high five the work we had done! 

You mention that the album’s sound has “the soundscapes of pop/folk songwriting with some world music inspiration”. Could you explain this further?

We feel like the album definitely has ‘pop’ sensibilities ingrained in the writing, hooky choruses, melodic verses and really modern pop overtones in the production, etc, but the lyrics often tell a story which is much more reminiscent of folk/roots music… and then the world music inspiration comes in through the instrument choices, the vocal harmonies and kind of gets sprinkled in on everything. We love where our travels have taken us and the music we’ve heard definitely inspires the music we create! 

Via Barcelonia

6. Was there a certain concept, theme, or sound that you wanted to accomplish in Wonderland?

With the actual song “Wonderland”, we really wanted to evoke a feeling of freedom/departure from the day-to-day. To strive for the exciting place vs the boring place.

The theme of the album overall seems to be perspective and the understanding of both sides of the coin. We need the positive, and we need the negative, we need the ups and the downs and everything in between, and like the song ‘it ain’t over’ says, it ain’t over til it’s over, and it ain’t over yet’… so ultimately linking all the things to a positive outlook/perspective on life. 

7. What do you want listeners to listen to in Wonderland

We’d love for them to hear our honesty and our authenticity. These songs came from our hearts and in a lot of ways we wrote them for ourselves, to be reminded of the life we have. 

What are your favorite tracks off the album? 

It might differ between us, and sometimes it depends on the day… for the fun, sunny, windows down kinda day I’m all about Stand Taller and Wonderland, but when I’m being more introspective I’m all about It Ain’t Over. My favorite one to play live is Lost and Found though. 

What are your future plans? 

We love writing, so we’re already working on the next record and hoping that someday soon we’ll be able to perform our catalog for the masses! 

Any final words for the readers of ai love music? 

Just a huge thanks really, for supporting the creation of music and diving into new material! Also, we love Japan and wanna visit soooooooooon! 

About the Artist: Via Barcelonia

Via Barcelonia

With a nod to the music of the past and a leap into the music of the future, Via Barcelonia rides the fine line of authentic, festival music, coupled with honest, folk-inspired, thoughtful songwriting. Think ‘Paul Simon meets the Chainsmokers’. While their debut single “Just Wanna Dance” hit over 40,000 streams the first week, it was their second single that helped demonstrate their diversity. “Walls Come Down”, a fully acapella, world music-inspired song about the current social dynamics proves that VB is successfully merging the sounds of time with the sonics of the world.

Boasting songs co-written with multi-platinum songwriters and productions by Juno award-winning producers, this is an act with soul-stirring, stadium-ready songs, addictive and electrifying energy, and one with limitless opportunity.

Via Barcelonia’s Debut EP was released in September of 2019 to critical acclaim which helped earn them a FACTOR grant for the upcoming EP release in June 2020.

The band is made up of percussionist/vocalist/producer Taylor McKnight and Multi-Platinum, 5 x Top 10, Sony/ATV singer/songwriter Andrew Allen.

Make sure to check out Via Barcelonia at the following sites:

Official Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Youtube

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Finding Both Sides of Life in Via Barcelonia's Newest Album 'Wonderland'

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