Wanda – "Sofia"

I’m sorry if this feels like “90’s week” on ai love music. I didn’t mean for this to happen, I swear!  I promise that I’ll write something that is a little more “up-to-date” tomorrow. But for today, let’s enjoy the mysterious melodies of Wanda. I don’t know much about Wanda since I began listening to them a few months ago. However, what I know is that they were a Mexican girl group with four members: Gaby, Karla, Daniela, Grisell and Dany. They formed around 1998 and had two hits, “Serás Tú” and “Cartas de Chica Misteriosa”. According to the blog poprush, the group just faded away a short time after their debut album release due to a lack of success as other (and more popular) girl groups premiered at the same time (Hey, that happened in the US and the UK with all those boybands!).
Growing up, I really didn’t listen to a lot of Latin Pop artists, If I did, most of what I listened to was stuff that was really popular on the radio and it wasn’t much.  So,when I first listened to Wanda’s debut album “Cartas de Chica Misteriosa”, the experience was magical. Maybe because it was my first time listening to something from Mexico. Or maybe I was excited to hear what was pop music in Mexico like back “in the day”. Whatever the reason was, it was a pretty good reason because Cartas de Chica Misteriosa” is an exquisite album with many great songs, especially with “Sofia”. Like Troop’s “Spread my Wings”, “Sofia” has that special kind of charm from its soothing instrumentation and easy listening feel. However, I think the song’s real beauty comes from the vocals itself. The best part of the song lies in the pre-chorus and the ending with those gorgeous backing vocals.

By the way, if you have more information about the groups or artists I mentioned, have any requests, or recommendation (I always love “new” finds), please feel free to comment.

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