You are currently viewing The Weekly 2022 for the Week of February 7 – February 13

The Weekly 2022 for the Week of February 7 – February 13

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now.

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“Valentine’s Day” by Couchsleepers

Get ready for the most romantic day of the year this week with “Valentine’s Day” by Couchsleepers. This song is a silver lining of sorts as it details being on your own after a breakup. This indie-folk is soothing with euphony found in the soothing vocals and the melodic instrumentation. It might be a short song, it is one to really listen for as “Valentine’s Day” connects human existence and feelings through the folk melody that is relaxing and fantastic to listen to.

“Amaryllis Gerja” by Hans Thoma Roland Müller

Enjoy beautiful winter days with “Amaryllis Gerja” by Hans Thoma Roland Müller. “Amaryllis Gerja” is a pure acoustic guitar instrumental that features dual guitars strumming unique and detailed patterns. It has a calming effect on how guitars resonate with their own timbre. Listeners should listen to the upper guitar part as it features intricate solos that are so appealing to listen to. Perfect listen to wind down your day!

“TEEN ETUS (feat. Juanita Euka)” by Cedric Pytel

Cedric Pytel blends jazz, Latin, and pure groove in his newest single “TEEN ETUS” featuring vocalist Juanita Euka. The artist had this to say about the song: “TEEN ETUS’s storyline shows us an abusive teen (Etus) who came without warnings, broke in with a bang, made a lot of noise and got shown the door because of course no one is interested in THAT buzz”. “TEEN ETUS” is a delicious blend of Latin and jazz with its bouncy beats, compelling instrumentation, and brilliant soundscape. The contrast between the instrumentations and vocals is something to watch out for as Euka’s deep vocals fit beautifully.

“Break the Rules” by The Slang

Washington DC area band The Slang released their newest single entitled “Break the Rules”. This track talks about common topics from their uncommon perspective, which is the journey of being in a relationship. The track features striking guitar melodies inside an ambient soundscape. Above these vocals is smooth vocals that have honest, melodic tones embedded. If you like Snow Patrol or The Killers, then you will love “Break the Rules”.

“Awake” by Irving Ave

Enjoy the infectious blend of pop and rock with “Awake” by Irving Ave. The track talks about how unhealthy people can have these toxic holds on us sometimes in life, and how we have to break from those. The rock element is featured in the instrumentation influenced by the pop-punk genre with big energy, blazing guitars, and melodic lines. The pop side is found in the vocals with their euphonic tones. “Awake” is a high-energy tune but with such relatable topics that anyone can relate to!

“I’m In the Mood For Love/Moody’s Mood ” by Denise Leslie

Enjoy this semi-cover of a James Moody song by jazz artist Denise Leslie. “Moody’s Mood” was initially a bebop melody lifted straight from James Moody’s saxophone solo on the original jazz standard “I’m In The Mood For Love”. Leslie’s vocals are the star of soothing jazz bop as they show their prowess through power, versatility, and range. She does an amazing job really capturing the spirit of jazz songs from the 40s and 50s. If you are a fan of classic jazz, then you have to listen to this song by Denise Leslie today.

“Single Inga” by Stella Rocket

Swedish Stella Rocket brings a mixture of folk and lo-fi pop with their newest single “Single Inga”. The single features a catchy folk melody during the instrumentation and the vocals. Then the lo-fi pop feeling is the atmosphere as it is buoyant yet mellow. Listeners have to listen for the melodies as they are enchanting with their unique folk styling. They also have to listen to the vocals as they are stunning with the melodic counterpoints in the backing vocals.

“Figure It Out” by Patrick McCarthy

American Indie Pop artist Patrick McCarthy mixes 80’s sensibility with modern rhythms in his track “Figure It Out” . The talks about the difficulties of understanding the world we live in while presenting a message of hope. “Figure It Out” is a mellow indie-pop tune with some elements of 80’s synth-pop sprinkled in the instrumentation. The electropop instruments are joined with a punchy bass that brings a deep texture. “Figure It Out” is a perfect tune to listen to anywhere with its nostalgic sounds and smooth vocals.

“For Kafka” by Paul Weinfield

Enjoy the soothing folk atmosphere in “For Kafka” by Paul Weinfield. It is a song about love, desire, and non-possessiveness. With it, deep-thinking lyrics these themes, “For Kafka” features endearing melodies that have a warm, intimate feeling. As listeners listen to this song, they feel like they can connect to the lyrics with the close feeling provided in the instrumentation. Don’t forget to listen to the instrument break as that blazing guitar solo is something different, but remarkable.


15-year-old Dutch Singer-songwriter STERRE talks about the present world we are living in with her newest single “WARZONE”. This song talks about the warzone we live in during these times with COVID. STERRE did a really amazing job composing and writing this song as it is a well-written track. It has melodic vocals, an arching tense that is built up melodically, and catchy riffs. STERRE has so much potential as listeners can hear in “WARZONE”. What will she do next?

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