You are currently viewing The Weekly 2022 for the Week of February 21 – February 27

The Weekly 2022 for the Week of February 21 – February 27

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now.

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“Moloko” by Paper Tigers

Paper Tigers released their single “Moloko” ahead of their upcoming debut EP. This track tackles the intoxicating nature of the things we know are bad for us. Riding on the heady guitar riffs and confrontational vocals, this track is on fire with its spirited rush spinning in a rich dark soundscape. It is a lively rock tune that pulls a punch with its brazen notes that will set your playlist on fire.

“You Don’t Know You Like I Do” by Annie of the Canyon

American Indie Folk singer-songwriter pairs two unique elements in their newest single Annie of the Canyon. Inspired by the 70s folk scene, Annie of the Canyon crafts a tune that takes musical influences from that era yet adds a modern flair in the lyrics. “You Don’t Know You Like I Do” grabs the listener’s attention with its laid-back instrumentation, soft melodies, and modern lyrics. It is the perfect one to enjoy anywhere with its laid-back feel.

“Does It Feel Real” by Kid Bloom

Get ready to dance the week away with “Does It Feel Real” by Kid Bloom. The artist blends synthy electronica, hazy 80’s disco tunes, and Motown-Esque energy to create a stomping good time. It features bold beats that are addicted to the first beat. This track is one that you will never forget with its unique blend that is funky yet catchy,

“Lost and Found” by DownTown Mystic

If you are a fan of classic rockers like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, then you have to check out “Lost and Found” by DownTown Mystic. This track brings in that vintage classic rock sound with the energetic pulse of the instrumentation. Yet, there is a modern touch with the storytelling element embedded into the lyrics. This is a real treat for rock fans as it is something vintage yet modern.

“Don’t Tell Me Lies” by Tom Ferry x EMIAH

Scottish Pop/R&B vocalist and songwriter EMIAH team up with Tom Ferry to create a powerhouse pop hit. “Don’t Tell Me Lies” talks about the need for honesty in a relationship. The track is filled with so much pop goodness with EMIAH’s soulful vocals and Ferry’s euphoric production. Though a song that is filled with a deep message, “Don’t Tell Me Lies” is a sensational dance anthem that will get the listeners to get up and dance.

“Warm” by Moncrieff

Irish-born singer/songwriter Moncrieff releases his new single “Warm” ahead of his new EP that will be released in spring. “This song is about being that person, and that rare moment in life when you find that person that truly sees you for you, your imperfections, flaws, and scars as well as your good traits and loves you for them.” This straightforward track is spell-binding with its crisp production, honesty, and power overflowing. The heart-felt power of the track is found in the building action in the instrumentation and the vocals. It is a beautiful, yet inspirational track that will make listeners feel good and inspired.

“Transpiring” by Stray Fossa

Let Stray Fossa bring an air of dreaminess with their latest track “Transpiring”. This track is mellow with its dreamy soundscape gushing from the synth-lead instrumentation. The vocals are produced in a similar style where they have a chilled, spacey feel to them. There is a vintage 80s feel in the instrumentation, further deepening that laid-back soundscape with a feeling of nostalgia. A dreamy track for your week!

“Is Blood” by Youth Sector

English Indie Rock band Youth Sector offers cross-examinations of the darker side of suburban living. The track features skittish guitar lines and washed-out synths. On top of this instrumentation is passionate vocals that portray a sense of aggressively wayward nationalism. “Is Blood” is an explosive rock tune that will make listeners think deeper with its provoking lyrics.

“boy, cry” by Eva Snyder

American singer-songwriter Eva Snyder brings a sense of raw honesty in her newest track “boy, cry”. The track meets raw and transparent lyrics with an authentic pop vibe. The acoustic sound further deepens this raw honesty as it brings a more intimate side of Snyder’s artistry. Listeners shouldn’t miss out on the singer-songwriter’s vocals as their ethereal sounds are spell-binding.

“Dryland” by Alexander Halling

Enjoy “Dryland”, an electrifying guitar piece by Alexander Halling. The artist had to say about his inspiration on the piece: “Mark Knopfler once inspired me to pick up the guitar and his influence is ever-present in my playing but doesn’t pray on my own identity.” Let Halling’s diverse guitar-playing skills transport into his trailing-blazing rockin’ world filled with so many magnificent melodies and progression.

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