You are currently viewing The Weekly 2022 for the Week of January 17 – January 23

The Weekly 2022 for the Week of January 17 – January 23

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now.

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“Through Tryin'” by Skinny Dippers

“Through Tryin”‘ is the first single from Skinny Dippers’ upcoming album The Town & The City. It describes a yearning for something more than drunken New York nights and a half-baked relationship gone wrong. It is a track that features hectic guitars, yet with mellow vocals and mood. It really represents the yearning fellow that is featured in the lyrics. It is the perfect song with is a dreamy soundscape for this week!

“Wiser” by Maddy Brown

Chill back and relax with this track by Maddy Brown. “Wiser” is an autobiographical song and narrative which details finding your footing post-breakup, recognizing your growth and worth, and ultimately becoming empowered to be straightforward and voice your emotions. The track features a smooth R&B instrumentation, rich backing vocals, and crisp vocals. Maddy skillfully navigates the song with her copious vocals singing in a style that showcases the artist’s raw and straight-to-the-point lyricism. It is a mesmerizing track with vocal prowess and an honest message that cannot be missed.

“Every Passing Mile” by Christian Parker

“Every Passing Mile” by Christian Parker might start out as an American road song, but it is really telling another story This new single details something that listeners can relate to in such a way: driven by a sense of desire he can’t escape. A track that is written in a minor scale, “Every Passing Mile” features haunting, mesmerizing melodies that are held up with swirling harmonies. Listeners should not miss out on the gorgeous acoustic guitar strumming that guides the song from start to finish.

“Mr. Sandman (Electro Swing Mix)” by Betty Booom x La PetitOrchestre

Betty Booom and La PetitOrchestre teamed up for a new collaboration single from the 50’s swing and jazz classic “Mr. Sandman”. Yet, this cover features influences from House, EDM and Glitch Hop. It features the right mixture of authentically played instruments and smooth vocal lines with danceable club beats. It is the perfect song to dance to in the clubs this week with its fantastic club remix of this classic song!is new Mister Sandman cover version is perfect for the upcoming winter and colder days to warm up with and bring us a dream!

“So it Goes” by Fire Whale

Oakland’s Fire Whale is out with a new single entitled “So It Goes”. It is a wild psych rock journey from start to finish both musically and lyrically. Lyrically, the lyrics talk about the uncertainty and acceptance that the artist has experienced over time. Musically, listeners are in for a ride as One Man harnesses wild rock power to create this tune: aggressive drums, driving guitar riffs, and a bold bass line. Fire Whale roars back to life with the intriguing alt-rock power in “So It Goes”.

“Harmony” by Keith Rayburn

American folk artist Keith Rayburn hopes that listeners can find harmony with his newest track. Instead of featuring discord, “Harmony” features a bluesy rock atmosphere with staccato guitars, firm vocals, and soulful backing vocals. There is a relaxing quality to the song if one listens carefully. Keith Rayburn cleverly blends Americana, folk, rock, blues, and jazz to create a laid-back bluesy rock tune.

“Thither Whence (feat. Stu Block)” by Minstrelblud

“Thither Whence (feat. Stu Block)” by Minstrelblud is a powerful metal ballad that you cannot miss! It features powerful and emotional musicality with its emotive vocals showcasing so many raw emotions. It is a stripped-down track with just piano and vocals featured. Stu Block mesmerizes listeners with his pure strength and vocal prowess as he captures the song’s attention with only his vice. Such a powerful tune!

“Streets in the Evening” by The Tapples

American indie rock band The Tapples has released their latest single “Streets in the Evening”. It is a mixture of new and old as the band takes influences from classic rock bands like The Beatles, The Eagles, Counting Crows, Led Zeppelin, and Foo Fighters. At the start, the electric guitar whizzes by with its electrifying riffs. It is met with calm vocals that bring a mellower vibe to the song. “Streets in the Evening”. is a mixture of electrifying, catchy, and light that cannot be missed!

“Inside” by Kylie Michele

New Jersey artist Kylie Michele hopes that you can sing along with her newest track “Inside”. The song is about falling in love after picking up your own pieces and becoming stronger. It is an EDM-influenced pop track with colorful electronic instrumentation. Yet, it is Michele’s vocals that are the star of the vocals with their prowess and incredible strength. Listeners will fall in love with Michele’s vocals as powerful and candied tones will captivate anyone who listens!

“Someday” by RIVER

Experience nostalgia and wanderlust together in “Someday” by RIVER. “Someday” is an ode to the power of memory and departure into a new, promising tomorrow. There are shards of melancholy buried deeply in the glimmery instrumentation. There is a retro sound that brings so many deep memories, but the mood is mellow. RIVER’s newest single is a mixture of bright and dark but in a groovy way that will attractive listening with its nostalgic, mellow vibe.

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