You are currently viewing The Weekly 2022 for the Week of January 24 – January 30

The Weekly 2022 for the Week of January 24 – January 30

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now.

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“Washed Away (Remix by GitKlar)” by Sirius Delta

Get ready to turn up the volume on your week with “Washed Away (Remix by GitKlar)” by Sirius Delta. It is a combination of traditional songwriting with modern sound design. The instrumental starts off slowly with an ambient atmosphere. Then by the 2:00 mark, it transforms into a powerful Blade Runner-influenced retro wave-anthem. It a mixture of dreamy and dark with dark retrowave melodies are mixed with hazy dream soundscape. Beautiful listen!

“Bad Trip” by Fae

Pop Rock artist Fae releases the dancey, energetic track “Bad Trip”. It is a cry for help that infuses a touch of sanity into otherwise insane circumstances. The madness of the lyrics is also heard in the instrumentation with the dark synth riff creating a sense of insanity. Fae’s vocals are what make this song brim as their fiery vocals give some light to this dark electropop tune. With hypnotic riffs and catchy melodies, “Bad Trip” will be one song that will be on your mind over and over this week.

“Lost” by Kindred Connection

Italian Synthpop duo Kindred Connection hopes to bring some sun to your rainy days with the track “Lost”. It is actually a sad song that describes that the hardest decisions to make are those that open the way to a brighter future. That is why there are sad tones infused in the vocals. Yet, the instrumentation features 80s vibes as the band described this as the reasoning: “because even in the hardest moment, there is no rain that can ever extinguish your inner fire!”. Dance around with this melancholy must listen by Kindred Connection!

“For Lucy” by Nadia Kamrath

American Indie Pop artist Nadia Kamrath creates a dreamy soundscape with vibrant melodies in “For Lucy”. Kamrath wrote this song to show off a playable yet relatable side of her storytelling. The song is filled with upbeat indie rock drums, dreamy guitar hooks, catchy melodies, and intimate vocals. It is these gorgeous vocal melodies that shine like a beacon at night. They are what makes this song such a beautiful listen! Listeners can’t miss these vocals!

“Been Too Long” by Dance Yourself Clean x Lizzy Land

Dance Yourself Clean collaborates with Lizzy Land to create an addictive Indietronica track entitled “Been Too Long”. Dance Yourself Clean was inspired by indie-pop music artists like The Naked And The Famous and CHVRCHES when creating this track. A track that features a relatable feeling of missing a special someone from her past, listeners can feel this in Land’s ethereal vocals singing a majestic melody. The enigmatic synth pads with the humping bassline and kick that is different than the vocals, but adds a unique depth to the musicality. Such an amazing track!

“Catching Up With You” by Dante Matas

Candian Indie Rock artist Dante Matas releases one of his angriest songs. “Catching Up With You” is about people in positions of power that abuse and control others without feeling any moral obligation to change. The track is a combination of bedroom pop, psychedelic folk, and electronic music, yet there are hints of 90’s rock sprinkled in. Maybe it is the chord progress? maybe it is the atmosphere? Whatever may the case be, “Catching Up With You” by Dante Matas hides its angry lyrics inside mellow rock instrumentation that is easy to listen anywhere.

“Feelings” by 611 Shapeless

611 Shapeless released their newest track entitled “Feelings”. The track blends influences from 60’s Psychedelia, 70’s Prog Rock, and Modern Folk. This laid-back musicality is further amplified by the lyrics filled with complete consciousness and freedom of the mind. Yet, even though it seems like a mellow track, listeners will notice the band’s wild energy unleashed in the track from the blazing guitar riffs to the riveting soundscape. This is one song you cannot miss this week!

“I Will Get You” by Morningless

Swiss Indie Pop band Morningless gives a nod to 90’s Britpop in their newest track “I Will Get You”. If you haven’t heard any track by Morningless, this one is the perfect track as it features the band’s signature upbeat tempo, interesting melody lines, and wicked acoustic strumming. Yet, listeners cannot miss out on the wicked guitar solo during the break. And also the hypnotic melodies in the chorus that spirals upwards into musical bliss.

“Good Guys” by Molly Hair

American Indie Rock artist Molly Hair talks about bad dating experiences in “Good Guys”. Molly Hair wrote the track based on her experiences on some of her failed dating experiences. The artist creates this story of a bad experience in a wicked tune with a hard rock edge. Molly Hair’s vocals take melodic twists and turn over a wafting bass. Molly Hair turns a bad experience into a wicked one with the stunning hard rock sound featured in “Good Guys”.

“Sanctuary” by Hunter Ventura

American Indie Pop artist Hunter Ventura hopes that get inspired with bright positivity featured in “Sanctuary”. A beautiful indie-pop track that features shoegaze tendencies, “Sanctuary” is a mid-tempo track to inspire listeners to think this: “wherever you feel your love & light prospers”. It features warm, positive feelings in the acoustic instrumentation, gorgeous melodies, and a down-to-earth vocal melody. However, that acoustic feeling does last long as it replaces with a jolting surprise. Wake up and get inspired with “Sanctuary”.

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