You are currently viewing The Weekly 2022 for the Week of January 31 – February 6

The Weekly 2022 for the Week of January 31 – February 6

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now.

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“Somebody” by Sarpa Salpa

UK Indie Pop band Sarpa Salpa is back is with their irresistible track “Somebody”. The band had this to say about the song: ““Somebody” is a final goodbye to an old friend after 7 years together, it’s the summary of realization that we weren’t meant to be and that we are both happier and better off where we are today.” “Someday” is a high-energy track that buzzes from the electrifying instrumentation to this passionate vocals. There are no stops in this track as features catchy riffs and addictive melodies. It is a well-put-together tune that is total bop!

“Novelty” by Erika Wester

“Novelty” by Erika Wester is the perfect track to start off your week. This track is about letting go of what’s been holding you back. “Novelty” features a mixture of dreamy and vintage sounds that makes listeners drift to somewhere that feels so good. A dreamy soundscape flows from the song as Wester’s vocals hold a hazy quality. There is a hint of vintage, especially in the chorus, with the gritty guitars calling back to better times. It is the perfect track to relax with its soothing atmosphere and blissful musicality.

“What It Feels Like” by Christina Nini

Get ready to get inspired with this catchy pop by Christina Nini. “What It Feels Like” is about finally breaking out of a toxic relationship and feeling free. It’s about feeling confident in who you are and putting all bad energy in the past. An electropop tune with a danceable beat, the appeal of this track is in Nini’s honeyed vocals that lures listeners throughout the song with its sweet tones. “What It Feels Like” is a strong modern-day pop song with relatable lyrics and delicious pop melodies.

“When You Need Me” by Jeff LeBlanc

US singer-songwriter Jeff LeBlanc hopes listeners can be inspired with his newest song “When You Need Me”. A mid-tempo rock tune, “When You Need Me” is an inspiration with its callout for needing a helping out. It features a relaxing blend of acoustic guitars and pianos to create that perfect soundscape to relax to. LeBlanc’s soft vocals add another alleviating layer to the track as they are a nice addition. A true inspiration both lyrically and musically, listeners cannot miss “When You Need Me”.

“Salt and Sand” by Secret Cigarette

US Psychedelic Rock band Secret Cigarette was influenced by a major event in history to create their newest track. “Salt and Sand” was inspired by the Boston Great Molasses Flood of 1919. Secret Cigarette uses elements of nature and the unknown to create this track, along with underused vintage store-found instruments and hand-made auxiliary percussion. Listeners might find this track a bit strange at first, but it is advised to listen to this track fully as there are golden musical moments hidden in this track. It is a fascinating listen!

“Waltz of the Dancing Puppets” by Chiel Nugter

Enjoy some neo-classical music this week with “Waltz of the Dancing Puppets” by Chiel Nugter. A modern classical piece, “Waltz of the Dancing Puppets” features a haunting yet alluring melody that s found in the strings and oboe. It is energetic in the tempo but elegant in its composition. It is truly a must-listen, especially you are a classical music fan like me.

“Sunny Day After a Storm” by TRIPOLI

TRIPOLI is back with their newest single “Sunny Day After a Storm”. The song’s lyrics talk about surviving an abusive relationship. The band took inspiration from artists like Neil Young for this song. But, they added some elements of psychedelic rock. Yet, it is a beautiful rock track with mesmerizing vocals and an acoustic guitar strumming along. Together, these two elements make this song such a gorgeous listen. Listeners have to listen for those harmonies and eternal vocals!

“One With the Gun” by Griffo & Lord

“One With the Gun” by Griffo & Lord will get listeners to dance. This track is the imagined pairing of Curtis Mayfield and DEVO. Yet, there are elements of funk embedded with the rock sound that causes it to be a bouncy track. There are also elements of pop music featured in the vocals as they are honeyed and slick. “One With the Gun” might feature some nostalgic sounds, but there is a glimmer of modern sounds featured in this danceable rock track!

“Berlin” by Ruben Rojas

Ruben Rojas releases the slick Alternative Indie R&B / Pop Rock track “Berlin”. You can hear the Alternative Indie R&B vibes in the best as they are fast-paced, like a rap verse, and have staccato styling. However, the song transforms into a pop-rock track with slick vocals and catchy riffs by the chorus. Overall, “BerliN” features the diverse musicality of Rojas and the multitude emotions that he brings to the table that cannot be missed.

“A little bit of us” by 80 Bubbles & ONIVA

Get ready to experience a flavorful musical experience with 80 Bubbles and ONIVA. “A little bit of us” has a simple message of togetherness, trust, compassion and love. The song features aid tempo synth-based groove with synth-pop elements. Listeners shouldn’t miss out on the chorus as it is filled with passionate emotions and catchy melodies. Don’t forget to watch the music video too as it is such an uplifting message for your week!

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    I really like the “Salt and Sand”

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  5. The “dancing puppets” classical piece is the stand-out for me this week… but then, I am 60 years old! Well done on you for including it.

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