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Welcome to the ALL NEW ☆ai love music☆!

Hey everyone!

Today is the first day of the Japanese era Reiwa! Emperor Akihito, stepped down yesterday and handed the role of Emperor to his son, Naruhito. There were big celebrations here in Japan as it was kind of like New Years: fireworks at midnight, people gathering to countdown to the new era, and other things.

Since it was a new era, I decided to migrate my blog to a self-hosting website. It is going to take me about a month to get settled, so please bear with me as I am transferring and getting used to a lot more options featured on this site.


It is still the same site for now! The same contents like Battle of the Songs, reviews, featuring artists, and plus new content。

Stay tune for more awesome music!

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  1. Debbie D.

    Welcome to the self-hosted Blogosphere. Amy! 🙂 Congratulations on making the switch. It’s a fantastic learning opportunity and you’ll love the freedom.
    Looking forward to your posts. Cheers!

    1. aisasami

      Thanks Debbie. There is a lot to do but it is an exciting adventure!

  2. David Elliott

    Congrats on moving on to self-hosting. It is a big step for sure, but one well worth the effort if you are able to use all the different new functional options you have. Should be very exciting.

    1. aisasami

      Thanks a lot! There are a lot more things here but I am slowly learning.

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