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Venture Into the Classic Indie Style of well-known pix’s “Be Free”

What has been cruising on your playlist for spring? Anything good? One song that should be on your playlist this season is “Young Heart” by the German alternative rock band well-known pix. This super-catchy, anthemic track gives off vibes similar to U2 but given in a more modern flare. But what makes “Young Heart” such a great listen? Let’s take a closer look at the song below!

Be Free!

One thing that many listeners will enjoy is the classic indie style found in the instrumentation as well as the vocals. The song starts with quiet energy with the vocals singing alongside distorted backing vocals and an energetic combination of drums, bass, and guitars. Then at the 38-second mark, the guitar riffs explode onto the side with their elevated yet crisp sounds. These guitar riffs hark back to the classic indie sound along with the earthen rock sound found in the choruses. The brightness of the guitar riffs and the grounded vocals in the chorus is something that listeners have to check out as this highlights how the band really hones in the indie sound yet makes it their own.

Another thing that listeners should listen to in “Young Heart” is the catchiness not only in the lyrics but also in the instrumentation. As mentioned before, those guitar riffs are an amazing addition and memorable in their own right. Those high notes cascading down like an electronic musical waterfall just feel so ear-pleasing and sensational. But, the melodies featured in the vocals are addictive too. Just check out the chorus with lines like “young heart” and “be free”. How the melodies conjure in a motion of fluid ups and downs makes this section such a memorable part. Almost wanting the listener to sing along in a call-and-response way.

Final Thoughts

What makes well-known pix’s “Young” such an enjoyable listen is that the band was able to capture the classic indie sound but also transform it into something so modern and catchy. From the blazing guitar riffs cascading down to the ups and downs of the melodic lines in the chorus, “Young Heart” deserves to be a worthy listen for any music lover, especially those who love rock, as it is a well-crafted tune. Its addictive melodies will have anyone sing along, but its heartfelt musicality will move people even more.

Make sure to check out “Young Heart” by well-known pix down below. What do you think of the song? Tell me in the comments!

About the Artist: well-known pix

well-known pix

well-known pix is a German Indie and Alternative Rock band that features pounding guitars and catchy riffs. Their songs are finely worked out with melodies and anthemic refrains. These melodies are performed with a fantastic and unmistakable voice. When listening to their now two albums and the latest AMERICANO EP, they keep popping up again and again – these old images from times of carefree days, when we felt an insatiable thirst for rebellion and rock’n’roll amidst the omnipresent smell of the countryside. If you are a fan of BRVM, Boy&Bear, or Holy Hoy, you have to check out well-known pix today.

The band members are Matthias Stezycki (vocals, guitar), Jan Müller (lead guitar, keyboard, and guitar), Klemens Krys (drums), and Lars Hammerschmidt (bass, vocals)

Check out well-known pix at the following:

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Soundcloud | Youtube | Instagram

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Venture Into the Classic Indie Style of well-known pix's "Be Free"

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  1. interior design

    I love it! It is very easy and enjoyable. Thank you so much for always sharing awesome music.

  2. Jeff

    I like the song, particularly the sections that are guitar heavy.

  3. Monidipa Dutta

    Never heard them but I liked grounded vocals in the chorus it sounded good.

  4. Ramil Hinolan

    The picture of a flying stork or was it a bird sums up the catchy message of the song, which about freedom. Those were the days of carefree youth when we rebel about the standards, the norms of the society.

  5. Amy,
    One more post that is enligtening and so entertaining. I have never heard of this band, but now I am really like their music. I’ll look them up in iTunes.

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