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What Makes The Daily Spreadsheets’ “Glide” a Mixture of New and Retro

Brazilian Alternative Rock / Indie Rock musician Henrique Neves (also known as The Daily Spreadsheets) is back with his new single entitled “Glide”. I featured the artist with the song “I Walk Alone” in the post “The Weekly for the Week of June 21-27“. When I first listen to his music, I thought that The Daily Spreadsheets had potential. His music was addictive with the feel-good vibes. But also, the melodies were well composed and likable. But, how about his latest single? Will “Glide” be a must-listen or not? Let’s dive into the song a little more to find out!

Pop Punk With Upbeat Feels

I absolutely love “Glide”! Why? Because the song is basically a pop-punk tune with upbeat tempos. Pop-punk holds a special place in my heart as it was a popular rock genre when I was in high school. All of my friends loved such pop-punk acts as Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, and Simple Plan. And the reason why they were beloved was that they composed such compelling tunes. And, I believe that “Glide” has the same charm as the pop-punk acts of the 2000s.

Neves’ “Glide” features a feel-good beat that you can bop along to. Yet, it isn’t the beat that makes this song a bop. The instrumentation plays a pivotal part as the summery electronic guitar strumming along with an uptempo, positive melody. This guitar transforms into an air guitar during the break, changing the air. to bring more attention to the vocals. This shift gives a positive change in direction. It is something unique and different from the rest of the tune.

What else pulls the listeners along the journey is the vocals. The charm of The Daily Spreadheets’ “Glide” is with the resonant tones that are clear and full of spunk. You can hear the inspiration from the 60s British Invasion acts like The Beatles in the backing vocals. Listeners can especially hear these sounds in the chorus with the “la la la”s. You can also catch strands of rock music that hark back to The Wonder Years era in the instrumentation.

Listen for the inspirations of British rock, The Beatles, power pop, Britpop, and 60’s British Invasion within “Glide”. There are little things here and there that can help listeners reminiscence these genres.

My Final Thoughts

The Daily Spreadsheets has done it again as his newest single is a must-listen for any music lover. With its upbeat power-punk vibes, “Glide” harkens back to the pop-punk era of the 2000s with its summery guitar riffs, its robust drum beat, and buoyant vibes. Yet, one can listen to the influences of the 60s British Invasion embedded in the instrumentation. Another merit of this song is Never’s vocals. They help guide the listeners with their clear, robust tones that have so much energy in them. Because of these reasons, “Glide” has to be one of my favorite songs recently! It can be yours too today!

How about you? What do you like about “Glide”? Make sure to check out the tune down below and let me know what you think!

About the Artist: The Daily Spreadsheets

The Daily Spreadsheets

The Daily Spreadsheets is the old-school bedroom indie classic rock music of Henrique Neves. Neves, a 40 years old bedroom musician born in the state of Bahia, Brazil, now living in Divinópolis, Minas Gerais, has been writing songs since the age of 14, heavily influenced by The Beatles and 60’s British Invasion, 70’s Power Pop, 80’s and 90’s American alternative rock and British rock/Britpop.

Make sure to check out The Daily Spreadsheets at the following:

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What Makes The Daily Spreadsheets’ “Glide” a Mixture of New and Retro

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  1. Dominique

    I actually felt like this was a throwback to the late 90s too. Listening sent me back to listening to the radio when I was in my residency. It was a nice feeling!

  2. Risa Lopez

    Love their songs, I am saving some of them so I can listen to them offline.

  3. Aimee AMALA

    Love the retro vibes in these tunes, i really love all this new music I am introduced to on this blog!

  4. Jasmine Martin

    This song sounds so upbeat and like I’ve heard it before in a movie from the early 2000s. I love how hype the beat is to this song.

  5. Khushboo

    This song sounds so beautiful. Music has that retro vibes in it.

  6. Thanks for sharing this retro vibes here, am in love with this. Really enjoying myself. Cheers siennylovesdrawing.

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