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What Can Your Favorite Artist Tell About Your Personality?

(This is a guest post written by Nicole.)

Your favorite artist can tell a lot about your personality.  It can show people your personal style, what kind of parties you like to go to, or which free hookup sites you’re most likely to enjoy using. So, are you a down-to-earth diva or a Jpop queen? What does your music taste reveal about you?

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Who Is Your Favorite Artist and What Does It Say About You?

  • Aimyon 

If you love Aimyon’s uber-cool, soft rock vibes, you’re probably a pretty chill person. Aimyon’s music style is light, moody grunge with sultry music videos and great lyrics. If this is really your thing, you probably prefer house parties to wild nights out. 

You might also have crafty hobbies or play an instrument yourself. You’ve probably worn a summer dress with biker boots at some point in your life. Whatever the case, if Aimyon is your favorite artist, you’re probably thoughtful and introverted and like to think about things on a deeper level. 

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  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

If Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is your favorite artist, you probably like to keep things quirky. You love all things experimental and fun and probably wear a lot of bright colors. You tend to approach your hobbies in a very logical way. When you find an interest you enjoy, you probably get super into it and practice non-stop until you’ve mastered it. Nights out with you are always a little different – but, hey, that’s why people love to have you around. 

  • Kenshi Yonezu

When people say their favorite artist is Kenshi Yonezu, you know they’re a true romantic. Kenshi Yonezu’s beautiful voice and artistic style are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the finer things in life. Anyone dating you is a lucky soul, as you tend to cherish and spoil your loved ones. You can also be a teensy bit sensitive, but don’t worry – it’s all part of that artistic temperament. 

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  • ZOC 

If you’re a major ZOC fan, you’re probably girly, rebellious, and a little wild. ZOC’s blend of Lolita style with funky pop beats and a punk-rock edge is an insane combo that is sure to get your heart racing. Friends of ZOC fans probably have to keep an eye on them on nights out to make sure they don’t run off and get into trouble. It’s all about exploration and having fun for ZOC fans, so don’t let anyone dampen your glow!

  • Orbit

Orbit is the ideal band if you’re a fan of the classic boyband line-up. With killer dance moves and cutting-edge style, this band is for you if you love Jpop. Fans of Orbit are creative and fashion-forward. You probably love keeping up with the latest looks and the latest music trends. When you go on a night out, no one can drag you off the dance floor.

in the club

YOASOBI fans are natural storytellers and love to find out everything they can about people. You probably spend time daydreaming or concocting stories about the people you know. You also love to chat and are great when a friend needs a shoulder to cry on. If your favorite artist of all time is YOASOBI, it’s also likely that you love to read or that you studied a literary subject.


Music is a great way to connect with others and get to know friends within your music tribe. Your favorite artist says so much about your personality, but that doesn’t mean you can’t blend genres or mix things up from time to time. Why not choose your favorite artist from this list or listen to one you’ve never tried before? 

Final Call: Do you see your favorite artist on this list? Do these descriptions sound like anyone you know? Who’s your favorite artist or performer? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Author’s Bio

Nicole is a psychologist from Idaho. She decided to write articles for blogs to make psychology more accessible for others. She also enjoys yoga, traveling, and a healthy lifestyle.

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What Can Your Favorite Artist Tell About Your Personality?

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  1. Nicz Escat

    One of my most favorite artist is Hailey Steinfeld. I could relate to most of her songs.

  2. renee

    I like Kenshi- im a true romantic!

  3. kidneyfornikki

    I am not familiar with the music of most of the artists you have listed. You always introduce me to new people. My favorite artist of all time is Prince. I am not sure what that says about me though LOL

  4. risalopez

    Interesting, I think I will go to YOASOBI. I’m always giving advice to my friends if they needed.

  5. amalateesside

    i love Kpop, what does that say about me? Hehe, I may be creative, but fashion forward I aint! lol

  6. Jasmine Martin

    Your favorite artist can definitely show a lot about your personality. Based on your descriptions, my favorite artist would probably end up being YOASOBI. I’ll definitely have to give them a listen.

  7. bye:myself

    I don’t have one favorite artist – I love so many different musicians…so, what does that say about me? Musical promiscuity?! 😀

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