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“Whatever Comes To Mind”; A Gorgeous Musical Landscape Full of Diverse Sounds

Siivers is back with a new single entitled “Whatever Comes To Mind”! I featured this American singer-songwriter two months ago when she released her single “Blue Ice”. This single features two songs that are different from each other: “Blue” is a vocal piece while “Ice” is a purely instrumental one.

“Blue” is a beautiful and wonderfully crafted piece that will have listeners hope for one thing in their daily lives (but I wouldn’t tell you what it is, you have to click the article to find out!). While “Ice” is an instrumental piece that Siivers incorporates natural sounds like breaking ice and the harsh winter wind within the piece. If you haven’t checked these songs out yet, I highly recommend listening to them as they are wonderful tunes!

Continuing on the same instrumental genre as “Ice” and “Take a Sip” (my favorite), “Whatever Comes To Mind” — which is Siivers’ latest release — features something special. It has a diverse range of sounds and melodies that come together to make a beautiful musical masterpiece. 

Behind the Scenes with “Whatever Comes To Mind” by Siivers

The American singer-songwriter had this to say about her newest tune and the instrument featured:

The blue track is in midi format. It is a phasey piano sound from Omnisphere which is a virtual instrument. Some people might be wondering why producers aren’t using real pianos right now, why we would choose to use a pre-recorded sound from a computer. Those people might not realize the depth of technology.

When I’m recording these parts the computer is actually picking up how hard it soft I touch the keys, it measures this with a term called velocity. I can then control the velocity even after the part is laid giving me complete control over not just the dynamics but it’s also how forceful I want the impact of the sound to be. This is just one example of what today’s technology can do with music!  

Wow! What detailed information about the omnisphere and how she used it within her tune. We all have heard the sounds of the omnisphere before, especially if we have been to the clubs or even listen to modern pop music on the radio. It is ever-present in our music. But, have we ever taken a second to find it in our favorite tunes? Have you? 

The Vast Musical Landscape of “Whatever Comes To Mind”

Whenever I listen to “Whatever Comes To Mind”, I imagine that it is like a gorgeous watercolor painting. You have different colors, from light to dark hues, that are painted in one picture. Even though they are different from each other, each individual color comes together to form one beautiful painting.

That is how each sound in “Whatever Comes To Mind” is like with the variety of sounds featured. One is the harsh, robot-like melody in the beginning. Another is the cascade of light, airy keyboard melodies in the middle. There are, of course, other sounds that you should listen to in the piece. But, the harsh melody and light, airy one are polar opposites. Yet, when they are put together in “Whatever Comes To Mind”, the two make a marvelous masterpiece. 

Though “Whatever Comes To Mind” doesn’t feature any vocals, it is a beautiful instrumental piece with each melody line and diverse sound. This, along with the rest of Siivers’ discography, is a perfect soundtrack to your daily life. You can listen to it whenever you are working out, working, driving, and so on. Take a to “Whatever Comes To Mind” below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist

Siivers likes Orchestral EDM, blending classical structures and sounds with modern-day VST Engines. She likes abstract ideas and surrealism, the idea that you can take a story or specific subject and describe it completely with music. She is not offering a song but offering an experience. 

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