You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: “Where Angels Fly” by JETTER

The Daily Feature: “Where Angels Fly” by JETTER

Today’s Daily Feature is “Where Angels Fly” by American hard rock band JETTER. The band is from Tampa Florida and is comprised of Kristie Lee (Vocals), Paul Alexander (Guitars), James Anthony (Bass), and Rob Christie (Drums). “Where Angels Fly” is a song that details the adventures of climbing Mount Everest. We all have mountains, physically or mentally, that we need to climb and this song tells of that adventure of climbing one.

This song is a mixture of modern and classic hard/prog rock with its electrifying guitar lines, a charging bass, energetic drums, and lively vocals. Listeners can hear the mixture of nostalgia and new classic rock melodies mixed with modern prog-rock instrumentation. Listeners have to listen for the chorus not for the high energy, but for the unique musicality that twists and turns with the vocals and instrumentations.

What do you think about “Where Angels Fly” by JETTER? Listen down below and let me know in the comments!

Make sure to check out JETTER at the following:

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The Daily Feature: "Where Angels Fly" by JETTER

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