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Which No. 1 Single of May 23 Will Be No. 1 in 2020?

Next week is my birthday! I’m celebrating with this Battle of the Bands that features songs that were No. 1 in Germany, the UK, the US, and Japan when I was born. What were they? Keep on reading to find out!

Listen to all the songs and vote for your favorite in the comments below!

US No. 1: “Forever Your Girl” by Paula Abdul

“Forever Your Girl” was No. 1 in the US on may 23. I have previously mentioned Paula Abdul’s “Forever Your Girl” about a year ago with my 2019 Birthday post. This is what I wrote about the song:

To be honest, it isn’t my favorite off her debut album nor one of my favorites of her discography. But, what my mom in reference to this song makes it something cherished.

My mom and I are music trivia geeks. She would know a lot of an oldie and its backstory. One day many years ago, “Forever My Girl” came on the radio and turned to my mom who was driving the car and told her that the song was the number one song on the charts when I was born. And, her response was very sweet: “You are forever going to be my girl”.

UK No. 1: “Ferry ‘Cross the Mersey” by The Christians, Holly Johnson, Paul McCartney, Gerry Marsden & Stock Aitken Waterman

A cover of the 1964 tune by Gerry Marsden, “Ferry Cross the Mersey” was No. 1 in the UK when I was born. This was released as a charity single for The Hillsborough Disaster Fund. If you don’t know about the Hillsborough Disaster, it was a huge human crush that happened as a soccer/football match was starting at Hillsborough Stadium in England on April 15, 1989. Sadly, 96 people perished. The name of the 95 who perished at the time of the single’s release in 1989 (one more person later perished in 1993) is shown in the music video above.

“Ferry Cross the Mersey” is a great tribute to the victims of Hillsborough Disaster and their families.

Japan No. 1: “Arashi no Sugao” (嵐の素顔) by Shizuka Kudo

Because I live in Japan and love Japanese music, I wanted to share the No. 1 Japanese song when I was born, which was Shizuka Kudo’s “Arashi no Sugao” The True Face of the Storm. It is one of the favorite Kudo songs as it showcases a different side of her with powerful vocals. And the dance for the song, especially between the beginning chorus and first verse, is very memorable and often coined as the Shizuka Kudo dance.

A week or so ago, Shizuka Kudo performed a short acapella version at her home to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the single’s release. You can check it out here.

Germany No. 1: “Looking for Freedom” by David Hasselhoff

You know, I was talking to someone last week about if a singer or band becomes big in Germany or Europe, then they will become a big worldwide star. Maybe that is the case for David Hasselhoff? While becoming a household name once again in the US with the TV show Baywatch in 1989, he was becoming a star in Germany at the same time with his music.

“Looking for Freedom” was the No. 1 hit in Germany on May 23. Hasselhoff has said that this song was a “song for hope” for those who lived in East Germany at the time when the Berlin Wall was coming down, thus reuniting Germany. His performance of the tune during New Year’s Eve 1989, two months after the wall fell, at the Wall is very memorable as people came together to sing with him.

As someone who grew up watching David Hasselhoff on Baywatch, it was pretty hard to imagine him as a singer at first. But he sold me with his awesome performance as Dr. Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde in the musical Jekyll & Hyde.

Who Will It Be?

Now it is your turn to vote! Who will be the victor? Tell me in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

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The Winner for “What Kind of Flowers Do You Want? (Battle of the Bands)

Thank you to all who voted in the Battles of the Bands for beautiful songs about mothers;

The Winner of the Battle is…

“A Song For Mama” by Boyz II Men

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