Which Song Are You Playing in This Late Autumn Season?

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I can admit that I am not ready for the cold weather. Recently, I have been sleeping in a cocoon of blankets during the nighttime. Using the heater here in Japan is very expensive, so you have to be creative and think about other ways to keep yourself creatively.
But the cold weather hasn’t stopped the positive vibes flowing in the mornings. Excellent breakfast with a homemade latte makes the mornings even brighter. But, what makes it genuinely fantastic is this one unknown song from a well-known singer.

Late Autumn’s Joys

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThere is a chill in the air during the mornings. The first signs of frost start creeping on our plants. The color-changing leaves from the different kinds of trees begin to fall off from branches. Ginko. Maple. River Birches. Their leaves cover the ground like a carpet of many colors: red, brown, yellow, and orange. What a glorious sight in the morning on the way to work.
Our taste buds also change during the autumn season. We usually crave seasonal fruits like pears, apples, and persimmons or nuts like chestnuts. Instead of plain coffee, we will add a little bit more milk to that blend or put a little cinnamon in it to make it taste like autumn: exotic, fresh, and soothing. We also have drinks like pumpkin spice lattes, cinnamon teas, or something with ginger. Speaking of cinnamon, my go-to afternoon tea time set is a hot chai latte with Biscoff cookies. Warms the soul right up!

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I’m in THAT Mood

Image and video hosting by TinyPicA beautiful autumn morning isn’t complete without music. That’s right! Music, at least for me, is an essential part of my morning as it sets the mood of the day and inspires me. I have been recently listening more oldies, 90’s R&B, soul, and jazz during the mornings. Actually, I was listening to The Beatles last night while working on my blog. It was quite relaxing!
Recently, Spotify recommended me “I’m In a Philly Mood” by Daryl Hall from the famous band Halls & Oates. This song is not like a typical song that you would hear from Halls & Oates. This is an entirely different sound. It is much smoother and more relaxed than the discography of the legendary soulful rock band.
One thing about the instrumentation that I love about is the high-pitched synthesizer bits throughout the song. Then, there are those fantastic soulful keyboard runs before the start of the chorus. This high-pitched soulful synthesized sound is refreshing and helps you get into the song’s groove. Finally, during the opening part, I love how the deep-bass synthesizer and the guitar compliment each other.

The Final Word

I can admit, “I’m In a Philly Mood” has a special place in my heart as Philadelphia is my dad’s hometown. But, it isn’t just that. It is the laid-back atmosphere and the soulful groove that attracts me greatly.  These two together, along with the instrumentation, make “I’m In a Philly Mood” a perfect morning song for late autumn.
What is your go-to song for this late autumn season? Tell me in the comments below!

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About the Artist

Image and video hosting by TinyPicDaryl Hall is an American musician that comes from the Pennsylvanian borough of Pottstown. He hails from a musical family as his mother was a vocal coach and his dad was a professional singer. During his college years, Hall, along with four other students, formed the group the Temptones. They were a hit among the black Philly soul scene. The group won competitions and even released a couple of singles under the label Arctic Records.
Hall met John Oates at Temple University while riding the same elevator after fleeing from gunfire during a musical competition. The two found out they had similar interests and musical styles. They even suggested that they should perform together. The two came together to form Hall & Oates in 1970 and released their first album, entitled Whole Oats, in 1972 under the label Atlantic Records.
They released a couple of albums under the label. But, none were very successful. They decided to end their contract with Atlantic Records and signed with RCA Records, where they started to see success. Their first Top 10 hit single was released in 1976, entitled “Sara Smile.” A year later, another single named “Rich Girl” peaked #1 on the charts.
During the next ten years, the duo released more hit singles and albums while refining their sound for a newer generation of music listeners. During their hey-days, Daryl Hall released his first solo album, entitled Sacred Songs, in 1980. He went to release several other records over the years as well as participated in various musical events like Live Aid, Farm Aid, We are the World sessions and the 1994 FIFA World Cup.
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  1. Music helps so much and i agree that it’s very seasonal. autumn for me it’s all about the deep tones, slow motions

  2. “I’m In a Philly Mood” by Daryl Hall from the famous band Halls & Oates is one of my personal faves. All time fave Maneater lol

    1. I love Maneater! I love to play it on the piano.

  3. I agree there is music for each season! I love being able to turn on the perfect music while I put around the house!

  4. Great playlists you have here. Not a fan of Daryl Hall but I agree he is a great musician.

  5. Great idea for a post and solid suggestions there! “In The Fall” by Future Islands is one of our favourites!

  6. I love your writing style, the way you create sights, sounds, and feelings in your work! Just beautiful! I am a big fan of 90’s music!

    1. Thanks! <3 What is your favorite 90s band or song?

  7. My go-to song right now is “All I want for Christmas is you”. When I hear that song then I know that Xmas is on!

  8. “I just called to say I Love You” – Playing right now.

    1. I love that song! I love anything by Stevie!

  9. I am SO not ready for the holiday music, but it’s coming nonetheless. I tend to lean toward 60-70-80’s most of the time, and occasionally dust off 90’s country.

    1. Oooh, 90’s country. What are your favorite songs?

  10. You have great taste for music…and those are perfectly complimented by food and bevs u mentioned .. Seriously, you’re my go to blog now for music….

    1. I am in the cinnamon mood right now. I have to have lots of cinnamon!

  11. Great post, you seem like you love music.

  12. Awesome taste! I love Halls & Oates. Autumn has left me in the mood for the soulful, the smooth, and the sexy. I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Xavier Omar, John Legend, and the like.

    1. John Legend is now on my radar, I love his performance in the Jesus Superstar live this year

  13. Music definitely can intensify or lighten the mood

  14. I tend to go through artist phases and after hearing “venom” by enimem I’ve been on a rap binge. I feel it shifting though… I’m having the temptemptation for xmas tunes!

    1. Mmm, are you more into old school rap or newer rap?

  15. I haven’t been in a particular type of musical mood, I just let Spotify play while I work and it seems to pick some good and different options for me to enjoy. Soon enough, I will be playing Christmas music though.

    1. Christmas music has been playing in my classroom since Thursday!

  16. I agree there is always a song for each season. Iam going to have to figure out what my fall song is.

    1. Great, I want to hear what is your fall song when you do!

  17. Great post! I love listening to jazz, or even upbeat music in the morning. I think it depends on my mood or the weather as well. Fall is never complete without music!

    1. I love jazz. What kind of jazz do you like?

  18. I love Christmas music! It is just starting to play around my house! 🙂 I just like to listen to Christian music any time of the year.

    1. Yay for Christmas music! Been listening to Michael Buble at work!

  19. Fall is my favorite season (though I think I say that at the start of every season). I love how you described the season.

  20. I prefer to listen to classic rock easy listening. late fall is such a mellow time for me!

  21. Great post! I love the classic rock I guess as I am getting older, it is easier to listen too!
    I did try to donate to your friend but the link said it was not available!

    1. Thanks for the support. Sadly, her father passed away.

  22. I can not get enough of “High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco. i absolutely love it!


  23. I have to admit, this is not one of the first songs, or even second, that comes to mind this time of year. In fact, my daughter just asked Google to play Christmas music today, LOL!

    1. I love Christmas music. I have been listening to Micheal Buble in my class!

  24. I love Prince but I am a hip hop and rap lover, but I go through different genres. I put music on when I am cleaning and it helps me get the job done.

    1. I love Prince, recently his “Pearls and Diamonds” came on Spotify. Love that!

  25. I hope your friend’s father continues to improve. That is scary and difficult.
    I kind of just listen to whatever is new on the radio. I am not too familiar with this song but it is a good one!

    1. Thanks for the comments! Sadly, my friend’s father passed away.

  26. Brilliant. I’ve always had a soft spot for Hall & Oates because of my Dad. Absolutely love music and, personally, think it’s one of the most important things in life! You’d probably like my blogs about songs that have “changed my life”.

    1. I just followed your blog and will read it tomorrow!

  27. You have fantastic taste in music! Thanks for sharing your perspective. I don’t listen to music depending on the season, but it’s cool to think of it like that. Might have to do it more often.

  28. Music definitely has it’s seasons, however, some songs are my go to all year round. I love the Fall trees you pictured in the beginning! Nature speaks to my heart as well. It made me feel very peaceful.

    1. Nature is simply wonderful! It talks to our souls and inspires us!

  29. I listen to R&B music year round but i have started listening to Christmas music too (I know so soon). I think music can be season but I also believe listen to whatever makes you happen whenever you want.

  30. Yay for this song list. Thanks for putting them up. Now I have something to listen to in the late hours of night ha!

  31. I’m with you on the cold weather, I always wrap up so much now when I go to bed! And music is so great to listen to, my go-to is probably Air Traffic Shooting Star – it’s probably my favourite song ever but it never fails to make me smile!
    Chloe xx

    1. I have to put that song on my playlist! Thanks for the recommendation!

  32. The first Hall and Oates song I ever heard was Man-eater… my friends I sang it during our lunch break at school nearly every single day 🙂

    1. I love Maneater1 My favorite song to play on the piano!

  33. Im definitely already in the festive mood so im listening to the merry and happy Christmas songs

    1. That is great! What is your go-to Christmas song?

  34. in Fall i am usually in the celtic music mood, don’t ask me why lol Must be all the gorgeous colors around me. I love Fall!!!

    1. I love Celtic music too! It is gorgeous and relaxing!

  35. I really love listening music because it brings me pleasure and it relaxing also. Thanks so much for this blog you shared.

  36. I have never heard of it but it sounds like a good one. I would love to listen to a music because it gives me so much relaxation and peace of mind.

  37. I read your post and felt like grabbing a blanket, a pumpkin spice latte and playing Andrea Bocelli music. 🎶

    1. I like Andrea Bocelli music too! But now, since it is Christmas, is Michael Buble time!

  38. Music can heal, music is universal. I love to turn on music when I am working. I love everything from John Mayer.

  39. I’ve been trying to listen to more new music and there’s so much out there. This track sounds really nice x

  40. You are so on point. There truly is something about this season! I am not in the U.S. anymore but there is something about Autumn I miss so much. The crisp air, the pumpkin spice lattes brewing, pumpkin patches spread out through towns, and good music to go along with it.

  41. You are so optimistic. I love that you turn even a “negative” situation into something positive. love your writing vibes. and thanks for sharing your wonderful play list.

  42. I really like the music from a British artist named Ayo, but lately, I’ve been playing some oldies like “Smokey Robinson.” His smooth voice never becomes dull to listen too.

  43. Honestly, I have never heard of this band and music before. I tried to listen to this music and I really enjoyed it the voice is so beautiful and the song is really to listen into this fall season.

  44. I have strangely been in a Tupac kind of mood. The swearier (is that a word?) the better. It’s been a rough month around here.

  45. Perfect blend of music for different seasons. I am not really picky though as whatever music my spirit feels ok with goes well for me. Can be oldies, or modern… The vibe to the moment is all that matters to me.

  46. I’ve not heard of this band but I agree there is a song for every season. I’ve enjoyed listening to “calledoutmusic” and afrobeats tracks.

  47. I haven’t heard of this band before, I’ll check them out but I love music this time of year. It’s always so uplifting and warmhearted!

  48. The music brings us a love, relaxing and to make our mood good with the songs we play and i love to go in some concert too.

  49. This is a great song!! I’m all about the “oldies” and listening to music while writing!

  50. I actually don’t listen to holiday songs, they make me really anxious lol. I am probably the only one not being into the Xmas vibes

  51. I have never heard of this song before but it sounds like a good one.
    Our family loves to listen to a traditional Christmas song.

  52. I feel i want to listen some oldsongs or a instrumental music something like that.

  53. Music is my partner whenever I am alone. I love listening to country music especially during Autumn it makes me more relaxed.

  54. listening to music is very relaxing whatever season it is. I love listening to Classic music.

  55. I love this post. I am listening to all sorts on my Spotify these days. I am a huge music lover.

  56. nice bio on the singer, runs in the family…
    I hope you help your fellow blogger out by raising money to pay off her dads medical bills. I had a health scare due to a rare genetic liver disease and because my insurance didn’t cover all of the costs, I had to sell my home and move my kids and I into my parents house. I wish her family better luck than I.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story. I am sorry you suffer hardships to get better too. I hope you rebounded in a positive direction.

  57. Yeah starting a day with a music really makes my day and give me a kinda inspiration too. I like to listen to Indian kinds of music at the time, depending on the mood. By the way, I’m in Philly Mood, what does it mean?
    Ali Ash

    1. Hall is from Philadelphia. And there is a lot of different types of music from Philly. So, he is talking about being in the mood for Philly music. Also, his music is inspired by Philly soul, which is its own genre.

  58. Hmmm… I dunno. Mine is still mostly Home Free, the country band. And then there’s the songs for the kids. hehe Autumn or not, this is our permanent playlist. LOL

    1. I have to check out Home Free! Thanks for the recommendation!

  59. Wow! This takes me way back. I haven’t listened to Hall and Oates in such a long time. It is very different for them in this piece I see. I don’t know if I have a go to Autumn song. Whatever song is inspiring me at the moment. My daughter and I are enjoying some Queen recently because of Bohemian Rhapsody.

  60. You mentioned these yummy treats and I too enjoy them, “We usually crave seasonal fruits like pears, apples, and persimmons or nuts like chestnuts.” The weather is starting to get cold where I live as well and I’ve started to dress more warmly. I’m not sure about autumn songs, but I’ve been enjoying Andra Day.

  61. I usually play the 80s and 90s country songs. It is so relaxing to listen to that kind of music.

  62. This post made me think….I didn’t realize I don’t have a song for the season. I guess I just listen to music based on my mood rather than the season.

  63. I can totally relate. I have also been listening to more oldies recently and love it. It’s more relaxing and I am just happy to sing along with it. Will check out the I’m in a Philly Mood in Spotify.

  64. I agree that music changes with season !!! For me Autumn is time to listen to some soft songs, something easy on the ears and relaxing.

  65. There is music for each season! So many special songs, depending on the time of year! I love being able to turn on the perfect music while I put around the house!

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