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Why is NIIVA’s Newest Single “Trigger” Like a Glass of Cognac?

“Spinning relatable stories with a cool and conversational flow, she delivers a sort of lyrical liquid courage in a defiant yet approachable voice.”

These are the exact words that describe the musicality of Canadian-based singer NIIVA. But, how does she spin “relatable stories with a cool and conversational flow”? And why is her newest single “Trigger” described as a glass of Cognac? To find those answers, continue reading on as NIIVA answered those questions as well as talk more about her musical experiences with some prominent producers in a recent interview.

While you are reading, make sure to listen to “Trigger” and tell me in the comments what you think.

First of all, please introduce yourself.

Hi, I’m NIIVA. I have an unhealthy obsession with purple hair dye, and I’m a Bulgarian-born, England-raised, Canadian-based artist who makes throwback R&B music wrapped up in a digital-pop bow.

What are your musical inspirations? What artists or genres inspire you?

This is always changing, but right now I’m really inspired by FINNEAS’s writing specifically. I love Kehlani, I love JP Saxe. I’m loving Tate McRae right now, she’s killing it.


How did you get into music? What has your musical journey been like?

I’ve always loved singing since I was little, and it all started with Disney. I’m a HUGE Disney freak, just like every 90s baby I guess. I loved music but I never really thought I could make it a career until we moved to Canada and I joined a pop-punk band called GreenTree when I was in high school. I loved being in that band, and it really helped me grow in confidence as a singer, a performer, an artist.

Eventually, I knew that the style I had developed and the music I wanted to make was different than what we were making, and although it was terrifying, I decided to go solo. I met so many amazing people and artists and eventually moved from Vancouver to Toronto and I’ve never looked back! It was the best career choice I ever made.

How was it like working with such producers and songwriters like Kuya, Jimmy Harry, and Matt Beckley? What have you learned from them?

Oh my gosh, amazing. I’ve learned so much and grown so much from working with Kuya especially. I’ve written with them so much over the last couple of years and it’s really strengthened me as an artist as well. Matt Beckley is an amazing vocal producer – he was the vocal producer for my new single “Trigger” – and it’s too bad he lives in LA because otherwise, I would do all my recording sessions with him, hands down.

Let`s talk about your latest single “Trigger”. What is it about?

It’s about my partner pushing my buttons when I’m in a mood and me basically telling him to buckle up, cause you about to blow my fuse.

What was it like producing the single?

The highlight for me was that I recorded the vocals in LA in the same vocal booth that Camila Cabello recorded Havana. Insanity. Matt Beckley – who produced the vocals for Havana – also produced the vocals for “Trigger”, and it was such an awesome experience. He’s super funny and super talented. I wrote it with Sammy G from Kuya Productions, it was produced by Kuya and Adam Josh.

Each of these people is incredibly talented and awesome to work with, so it was a really creative and free process. That’s a blessing that I don’t take for granted.

On your Facebook page, you describe your latest single as “a glass of cognac – slow-burning rhythm, smooth vocals, and inebriating melodies”. Could you explain more about this?

Definitely. One of the main reasons I love this song so much is how dark, smokey, and sexy it is. I’m really proud of what we captured with the moody almost eerie feel of the vocals, and the dirty beat that drops in the chorus.


What should listeners listen for when listening to “Trigger”?

I kind of hope they feel like I’m singing right into their ear. Like I’m 2cm away from them telling them this story. I know we’re in a pandemic and all, but imagine that’s not happening and imagine it’s safe for me to be that close.

What are your future plans?

Well, I’m over the moon to be releasing my debut EP next month!!! So I’m super super excited and nervous and all the emotions. I can’t wait for people to hear it.

Lastly, any messages for the readers of ai love music?

Stay safe, stay educated, stay hopeful, stay strong.

About the Artist: NIIVA

Bulgarian born, England raised, and now Canadian based, NIIVA has found her home with music. The singer/songwriter serves up organic modern-pop hymns wrapped up in a digital bow. Spinning relatable stories with a cool and conversational flow, she delivers a sort of lyrical liquid courage in a defiant yet approachable voice. There’s no mistake NIIVA’s in the driver’s seat, so sit back and see the world through lilac-tinted windows.

Be sure to check out NIIVA at the following sites:

Official Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud | Youtube | Spotify

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Why is NIIVA's Newest Single "Trigger" Like a Glass of Cognac?

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