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25 Days of Christmas: The Warm, Cozy Atmosphere Featured in Winterbrook’s “My Boyfriend is a Snowman”

Welcome back to the twentieth day of 25 Days of Christmas. Here on ai love music, let’s celebrate this warm holiday season by transforming the Daily Feature into 25 Days of Christmas. Each day, we will feature a holiday song from any artist from any genre. Today’s holiday song is “My Boyfriend is a Snowman” by English Indie Pop artist Winterbrook.

“My Boyfriend is a Snowman” is a magical Christmas tune with a twist. It features a matured melody that is nestled in a mood that brings joy and melancholy. The artist does this by the soothing atmosphere in the acoustic indie-pop instrumentation and the down-to-earth vocals. Yet, the song features magical elements in both the musicality and lyrics to help the listeners sense the magical spirit of Christmas. “My Boyfriend is a Snowman” is a warm-hearted tune that features a story that brings a smile to anyone’s face. It captures the Christmas spirit perfectly in the cozy instrumentation and the warm vocals.

Make sure to listen to Winterbrook‘s “My Boyfriend Is A Snowman” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Winterbrook

UK songwriter TJ Winterbrook is a child of Britpop and post-grunge with a guilty pleasure; Christmas music. 
 He spent much of the early 2000s in rock bands, with influences from the Beatles to Green Day. Then, during the bleak Christmas of 2020, he thought “why not write some Christmas songs?” 

“Winterbrook” was born in January 2021; a music project specialising in Christmas music and seeking to bring something new to the genre. After months of writing, recording, and collaborating, five original Winterbrook tunes landed in late 2021 (plus acoustic / Spanish versions). With a pinch of rock, a hint of soul, and a fine dusting of pop, these songs have found their way to listeners in all corners of the globe.

In 2022, Winterbrook will continue the journey with new songs and new collaborations.

Make sure to check out Winterbrook at the following:

Spotify | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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