You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: The Important Message That You Have to Listen in Xiya D’s “Thank the Natives (Canada)”

The Daily Feature: The Important Message That You Have to Listen in Xiya D’s “Thank the Natives (Canada)”

Today’s Daily Feature is “Thank the Natives (Canada)” by American Contemporary R&B artist Xiya D. The American artist released this song today on Canadian Thanksgiving. It was written to honor and celebrate Natives’ generosity, As people are gathering around the table to celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones, we shouldn’t forget to be thankful for the Natives. “First, we thank the Natives for the lives they spent. Appreciate the food they shared”. But also, as you take part in this celebration of thankfulness, don’t forget to thank yourself and others for the little things. “Focus on gratitude with a positive attitude”

Xiya D’ vocals are the thing to listen to in her newest song. They feature marvelous fluidity and dexterity as the singer sings each song as if the notes were gliding. The vocals also feature a variety of textures: rich, sultry, sweet, and silky. They soar and dive with such power in her vocal strength and intensity. Xiya D uses her vocal techniques to tell a story, enunciating each detail. Yet, also attracting listeners with a different approach. It is truly marvelous!

“Thank the Natives (Canada)” is a paramount tune for the holiday season. We should thank the Natives for what they have all do. At the same time, be thankful for the little things. The singer uses her gifted vocal to tell a compelling story with rich and sultry tones. If you like artists like Beyonce, then you have to check out Xiya D today!

Make sure to check out Xiya D’s newest track down below and let me know.

Check out the artist’s newest Thanksgiving EP entitled Thankful Carols here:

About the Artst: Xiya D

Xiya D

Xiya D is a songwriter/singer/rapper living in Houston, Texas. She uses her advanced degrees in psychology to write lyrics that connect with her listeners on a deeper level. She has been writing lyrics since she was in elementary school. Still, in 2020, she decided to share her verses on social media for the first time. When the artist isn’t making music (or doing homework), she spends time cracking corny jokes with friends and family.

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The Important Message That You Have to Listen in Xiya D's "Thank the Natives (Canada)"

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